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  • noun Plural form of schema.


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From the Ancient Greek σχήματα (skhēmata), the nominative plural form of σχῆμα (skhēma).


  • In Aristotle a figure is actually an even more abstract form of a group of what we would now call "schemata", such as (2²).

    Logical Truth

  • This is a valid point, Karenne, and is supported by proponents of “cognitive grammar” who argue that there are fairly universal ways of thinking about things, e.g. that animate beings can affect inanimate objects, and that grammar is mostly easily learned and applied when it maps on to these cognitive schemata, as in The boy kicked the ball.

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  • You are in effect not only making the learning information permanent, but you are also connecting it to other schemata for more links, hence easier recall.

    L is for Learning Styles « An A-Z of ELT

  • Transgender rage is the subjective experience of being compelled to transgress what Judith Butler has referred to as the highly gendered regulatory schemata that determine the viability of bodies, of being compelled to enter a “domain of abjected bodies, a field of deformation” that in its unlivability encompasses and constitutes the realm of legitimate subjectivity.

    Yet another trans 101, in which Helen tells cis people What’s What

  • My guess is that they are the trees the writer can see or the trees that are physically nearby. (if there is not some previous mention of cherry trees – or an unspoken shared cherry tree schemata between the writer and his intended audience)

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  • She says (1999) One important application of regression in the service of the ego is second language social identity formation … social interactions disrupt existing schemata for individuals and thus require cognitive and affective adaptation.

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  • Call me fickle or foolish but the investment world is an ocean and unlike Buffett I don't exclude technology from my investable schemata.

    Finding More To Like In General Motors Than Apple

  • Having evoked these schemata, the writer can safely point at features of them, using the definite article (which, remember, signifies “you know which one”).

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  • Your current income schemata seems pretty solid based on the last magazine interview I read about you.

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  • But they are shared knowledge by virtue of the fact that they belong to the various schemata (mental constructs) that the writer is assuming are shared with his reader, i.e. that work implies commuting which implies stations; that shoeshops have stools and clerks, etc.

    A is for Articles (2) « An A-Z of ELT


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  • In the computer science world, we use 'schema' all the time -- and if we two of them, they're almost always 'schemas'. The world would be a better place, however, if they were 'schemata'.

    July 12, 2012