scissors-and-paste love



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  • adj. pieced together from several sources; cut-and-paste


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  • James Joyce: I am quite content to go down to posterity as a scissors-and-paste man.

    David Shields: In Writing, Art, And Music, Everybody Steals

  • Collingwood calls this kind of history scissors-and-paste history and condemns it as a pseudo history.

    Robin George Collingwood

  • As we have seen in the context of Collingwood's critique of pseudo histories, such as scissors-and-paste history, historians must be sensitive to the fact that historical agents may not share their own epistemic beliefs, indeed, that many beliefs that are logically efficacious, and that render the actions of historical agents intelligible, may well be false.

    Robin George Collingwood

  • Failing to take the agent's epistemic and motivational premises on board leads the historian to write bad historical narratives, the narratives Collingwood refers to as scissors-and-paste histories.

    Robin George Collingwood

  • Maybe that's why Mr. Roth could walk his tedious scissors-and-paste job past most of the gatekeepers; why Mr. Mailer took only a few pokes; why no one quite dared suggest that Mr. Bellow's latest novella chewed serenely on not much cud.

    Roth, Mailer, Bellow Running Out of Gas

  • This is unjustified: Plato was no scissors-and-paste composer; the style (despite assertions to the contrary) is rot notably different from that employed in other Platonic myths, and certain of the ideas seem much more


  • We'll do the new Fleet Street movement together, the scissors-and-paste.

    Once a Week

  • Roman colonies Lystra and Philippi, so Hebraic in Galilee or by the Jordan, and so Lukan everywhere — this character and individuality, shown in numberless ways, make it clear that the author was no clipper-up of fragments from other writers, no mere scissors-and-paste editor of scraps, no mere second-hand composer, dependent on the accidental character of his

    Was Christ Born in Bethlehem?

  • The scissors-and-paste compilers are peculiarly liable to such errors as these; and a writer in the Quarterly Review proved the Mémoires de Louis XVIII. (published in 1832) to be a mendacious compilation from the Mémoires de Bachaumont by giving examples of the compiler's blundering.

    Literary Blunders; A chapter in the "History of Human Error"

  • "Why, before you came I flattered myself I was a bit of a dab at the scissors-and-paste business, but you've gone and cut me out completely."

    Reginald Cruden A Tale of City Life


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  • (noun) - Extracts; "padding": as distinguished from original work.

    --John Farmer's Slang and Its Analogues, 1903

    January 17, 2018