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  • adj. Of or belonging to the suborder Scombroidei, which includes marine fishes such as the mackerel.
  • n. A scombroid fish.

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  • adj. pertaining to a mackerel
  • n. Any fish of the family Scombridae, of which the mackerel (Scomber) is the type.

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  • adj. Like or pertaining to the Mackerel family.

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  • n. A scombroid fish; a scombrid. Also scomberoid.

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  • n. important marine food and game fishes found in all tropical and temperate seas; some are at least partially endothermic and can thrive in colder waters


from The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, 4th Edition

New Latin Scombroīdeī, suborder name, from Latin scomber, scombr-, mackerel, from Greek skombros.

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From Greek σκομβρος ‘tuna, mackerel’.


  • The customers are believed to have been stricken by a form of food poisoning known as scombroid, which occurs when there is a high level of histamine in raw or uncooked fish, said Mr. Karasick.

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  • High levels of histamine can cause an allergic reaction called scombroid poisoning. Front Page

  • And what better way is there to insult the scombroid landlord (resembling a mackerel) or that tumbrel of a brother-in-law (a person who is drunk to the point of vomiting) than by calling him by his rightful name?

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  • Certain living marine animals - the speedy, open-water dolphins, lamnid sharks [Great white and relatives] and scombroid fishes [the tuna-mackerel group] - possess the ichthyosaur body shape and surely move in an ichthyosaur-like way.

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  • Ahi tuna was the culprit in the scombroid fish poisoning case, which began when a woman ate a tuna salad at a local seafood restaurant in May.

    The Seattle Times

  • Friends took her to an emergency room, where she was diagnosed with scombroid poisoning, given IV fluids and an antihistamine.

    The Seattle Times

  • Just when there's a lull in major foodborne illness reports, and you feel like it's safe to eat, along come toxic squash syndrome, honey intoxication and scombroid fish poisoning.

    The Seattle Times

  • Dr. Jeff Duchin, chief of communicable-disease control for Public Health - Seattle & King County, said that unlike the first two toxins, scombroid fish poisoning is relatively common, occurring when certain types of fish - tuna, mackerel, mahi mahi and marlin, among others - are not kept cold.

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  • Ciguatera, a naturally occurring toxin in fish, and scombroid fish poisoning, caused by eating spoiled fish, were responsible for 62 cases, about evenly divided.

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  • They were related to viruses and salmonella from unknown food sources, person-to-person transmission, or scombroid and ciguatera fish poisoning.

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  • used to describe Sammy Hilbert-Spaess, a character in Pynchon's Gravity's Rainbow:

    "Here then," the kindly scombroid face scanning Eventyr, quick as a fire-control dish antenna and even less mercy...

    January 21, 2007