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  • v. To publish one's music-listening habits to the Internet via software, in order to track when and how often certain songs are played.
  • n. A datum or the aggregate data collected by this means.
  • v. To waylay, kidnap or steal.


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1927, in the book The Midnight Folk by John Masefield.

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From the name of the Internet service Audioscrobbler.


  • What's even more, ExtensionFM will let you "scrobble" to Last. fm, which means it will follow along and keep track of your music listening habits and send them to your Last. fm account.


  • Last. fm recommends similar music choices to users each time they "scrobble" or play a song.


  • Spotify has long let users "scrobble" song listens to Last. fm profiles.


  • You can "scrobble" all your tracks (share a list of what you play to your Last. fm profile), listen to your custom Last. fm radio stations, and even ban or love tracks to further personalize your Last. fm experience.


  • Third-party apps that allow users to "scrobble" (or share, in mundane English) information with Last. fm about music played in various media players will "always be free," and this is no surprise.

    Ars Technica

  • Use the built-in Last. fm app to "scrobble" your personal playlist and learn more about favorite artists, then use Kinoma Play's unmatched YouTube app to watch their music videos.

    Marketwire - Breaking News Releases

  • I'm just sad that last. fm doesn't scrobble LPs ....

    Tweets I have known

  • FM helper app, or a portable music player that I can scrobble with without the equivalent level of cruft, then I'll switch.

    iTuner Is The One iTunes Helper To Rule Them All | Lifehacker Australia

  • Predicament: You want to be able to scrobble plays from your Creative Zen, Sony Ericsson phone or other MTP media device to LastFM in Ubuntu but you don't know how.

    Archive 2010-01-01

  • Now the only problem I have with Songbird is the inability to scrobble my iPod plays to Last.

    Try New Software To Improve Your Experience (Or Knowledge) | Lifehacker Australia


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  • From Wiktionary:

    (Internet, slang) To publish one's music-listening habits via software, as counted events when songs or albums are played, to selected internet services in order to track them over time, out of curiosity and/or to make them visible to others.

    July 3, 2010