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  • adj. Capable of sealing itself, as after being pierced: a self-sealing tire.
  • adj. Sealable without the application of moisture: a self-sealing envelope.

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  • adj. A device with seals that activate without special procedures.
  • adj. Describing a container that is capable of automatically closing off leaks that form in it.

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  • adj. capable of sealing itself as after being pierced
  • adj. seals without the application of moisture


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  • Tizard led the mission, which offered the Americans information about self-sealing fuel tanks and jet-propulsion engines.

    Allied in the Quest for Radar

  • The first officer walked carefully toward the wide transporter pad, picking up a self-sealing stembolt from a crate as he passed it.

    Star Trek The Next Generation®

  • He replaced the fuel lines with steel tubing, armored the 221 inch chassis with metal plates, fitted the sloping, teardrop-shaped cab with bullet proof glass, and equipped the car with self-sealing white wall tires.

    Archive 2010-04-01

  • A scar was barely visible in the self-sealing polyurethane.

    Hot Seat: Airport Furniture Designers Battle for Glory

  • As a result, I pulled all the file folders that could possibly contain this information, put the owners manuals, warranty information and receipts for each item in separate self-sealing plastic bags and taped them to the appropriate appliance in an inconspicuous but accessible location.

    Hints From Heloise

  • To prevent corrosion from forming on seldom-used items, remove the batteries and store separately in a self-sealing bag.

    Hints From Heloise

  • Hydrothermal alteration and self-sealing in Y-7 and Y-8 drill holes in northern part of upper

    Scientific Articles on Yellowstone

  • “The windows are all bulletproof, the tires are self-sealing and we added sunroofs to the backseat so the men can fire the heavy equipment while moving.”

    Vince Flynn Collectors’ Edition #2

  • In case of a rupture on the external membrane or any of the envelopes, each one is capable of self-sealing to minimize disaster.

    The Aircruise: A Sustainable and Luxurious Way to Travel | Inhabitat

  • Replacing more primitive sealing with wax, in 1859, John L. Mason, a 26-year-old New York City metalworker, patented a self-sealing zinc lid to fit glass preserving jars.

    One Big Table


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