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  • n. A plant produced by vegetative propagation


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  • "Traditional thinking has suggested that selfing populations are able to purge many of these mutations, but this study found that the ability to sufficiently purge was overwhelmed by slight increases in mutation rates," the researchers said.

    eSarcasm: Science Says Sex With Others Is Better

  • Put another way, when I am emptied of my usual self or when that self-making or selfing process is “relocated” to the periphery of my being, I truly have room for an intimate relationship with God, which paradoxically allows me to be even more myself.

    Robert Masters - God as the Ultimate You

  • Nevertheless, selfing mediated via geitonogamy is the most frequent mechanism of pollen transfer.

    Juan Fernández Islands temperate forests

  • A short paper of mine on the mating as well as selfing reproduction without mating of Rumina saharica was published in the Zoology in the Middle East near the end of last year.

    Reproduction of Rumina saharica

  • In the absence of predators, selfing snails start to reproduce several days after the snails with mates do.

    Bootleg proceedings of the 1st OVUM meeting

  • Self-pollination, or selfing, confers a major advantage to weedy species.

    Weed Gave up Sex Long Ago | Impact Lab

  • In their Science Express study, published online July 26, the researchers used the genome-wide pattern of LD to estimate the time at which selfing evolved.

    Weed Gave up Sex Long Ago | Impact Lab

  • A selfing plant can invade new territory by itself and colonize it alone.

    Weed Gave up Sex Long Ago | Impact Lab

  • Specifically, the researchers expected to find a relatively high level of LD, because after the transition to selfing the disruption of variant combinations would have slowed dramatically.

    Weed Gave up Sex Long Ago | Impact Lab

  • Since cross pollination mixes two plants’ genomes and disrupts some combinations of variants, a recent transition to selfing should have left a footprint in the LD pattern for A. thaliana.

    Weed Gave up Sex Long Ago | Impact Lab


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  • Actually an existing word, meaning "self-pollination": the phenomenon by which an individual with both female and male gonads can fertilize itself.

    September 27, 2009

  • A word created by Jay Aaron to refer to the desirable practice of taking care of yourself first so you can better take care of others. This word is useful, because, as Jay points out, "selfish" has such negative connotations.

    February 1, 2009