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  • Not that Wall*E won't be a lot of fun, because it is from Pixar, who know what to do with a sentinent robot.

    Number 5 Is Alive Again?

  • She beleived that animals were sentinent and had spirits and didn't want anyone else to take on the responsibility for their death.

    Archive 2009-08-01

  • The sound ONLY occurs AFTER the waves pass thru the eardrums of sentinent beings and are changed from waves to electrical signals to what we hear as sound.

    We Don't Need Politicians...We Need Enlightened Humans Leading

  • David Broder speaks to this sentinent in his column today.

    Simon Rosenberg: The Presidential Race Feels Like It Is Shifting

  • I will die in a state of freedom in any future life and in any future dealings with sentinent beings in the future I can at least now work to help them and gain merit to give so they have to courage to take a step on their path to a state of freedom.

    A Woman of Constant Sorrow

  • I subscribe to the Star Trek philosophy that any sentinent intelligence ought to be treated ethically, whether it is animal, alien, or machine.

    If your robot seems human enough, would it not damage your soul to mistreat it?

  • There is a whole alternative world of Christian, Christian kids and kid material any sentinent parent can find.


  • There are cultural and political reasons for the hostility, but to act surprised that it exists is not only shocking, but insulting to any sentinent adult with ANY knowledge of national security issues.

    Archive 2004-04-01

  • Allawi about to draw the ire of most sentinent Iraqis once the fighting stops in Fallujah.

    Archive 2004-11-01

  • Then, while one of the most important law enforcement officials in the US, threatened Regan's custody of her kids, one any sentinent New Yorker knows was one of the bitterest in state history.

    Archive 2004-12-01


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  • I wonder how many instances there are of non-words that can be explained as typos of two (or more) different words: sentiment or sentient.

    Heedles (heedless or needles) comes to mind.

    October 31, 2008