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  • n. One that sequences, as:
  • n. An electronic device or software program that can be instructed to order and modify digitally stored musical sounds for playback, as through a synthesizer.
  • n. An apparatus for determining the order of constituents in a biological polymer, usually DNA or protein. In this sense also called sequenator.

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  • n. Any device that activates or deactivates the components of a machine or system according to a preplanned sequence (as in a washing machine, or central heating system).
  • n. A device or system that orders and/or modifies digitally stored music and sound for playback.
  • n. A device for determining the sequence of monomers in a polymer, especially amino acids in protein, or bases in DNA.
  • n. A control device to increase/decrease the capacity of plant that is enabled to act in a specific order or sequence.

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  • n. (chemistry) an apparatus that can determine the sequence of monomers in a polymer
  • n. computer hardware that sorts data or programs into a predetermined sequence


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sequence +‎ -er


  • Our first clue that this isn't just another sequencer was the interface: charmingly lo-fi graphics that look like

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  • The small yellow box to the right and behind the sequencer is a simple clok that controls the sequencer's tempo.


  • (A sequencer is a electronic music instrument that plays a sequence of notes repetitively.)

    Charles Petzold

  • Urbana-Champaign (UIUC), is working to develop a new kind of sequencer that will make the dream of the $1,000 genome a reality.

    RedOrbit News - Technology

  • Ultrabeat incorporates a step sequencer which is considerably more flexible than its ancient analog cousins. stereo Short for stereophonic sound reproduction of two different audio channels.

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  • Inventory Bank for Parts A "sequencer" or inventory bank was established for parts that had ongoing usage.

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  • Next up is the Korg Electribe, drum synthesizer/sequencer app.

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  • She then splayed her fingers and laid her hand palm-down on a standard DNA sequencer.

    Star Trek: Typhon Pact: Rough Beasts of Empire

  • POPTECH CONFERENCE IN CAMDEN, MAINE A currency expert, a blind bike-rider, a genome sequencer and a University of California-Berkeley historian will be among the speakers at PopTech, an annual look at the future.

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  • There's no intrepid, quirky lab rat with a keen eye and tweezers plucking a single nostril hair from the carpet, who with the assistance of the cute computer technician armed with glasses and a DNA sequencer, will find the killer.

    The Uncleared


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