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  • n. The shadbush or one of its fruit.

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  • n. A genus (Amelanchier) of about 25 species of small deciduous trees and large shrubs in the family Rosaceae.
  • n. the berry of this plant

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  • n. edible purple or red berries
  • n. any of various North American trees or shrubs having showy white flowers and edible blue-black or purplish fruit


from The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, 4th Edition

service (tree) + berry.


  • Often planted in landscapes, Juneberry, also known as serviceberry, is not common in the wilds of the five boroughs.

    NYT > Home Page

  • "Sarvis" is correctly called serviceberry, and is one of the earliest trees to bloom in the spring.


  • He includes fruits like juneberry, also known as serviceberry, shadbush or saskatoon (Amelanchier spp.).

  • That post about my serviceberry was my 1000th post. ha.

    Wee Wonderfuls

  • As chokecherry and serviceberry blossoms fade into a plump, hot August, I too expect fall and then winter.

    Emma Lou Thayne: Prayers Of Longing And Thanks

  • Bushes of chokecherry and serviceberry crowded close under the shade of the aspens.

    Western Man

  • Fall stroll with staff horticulturist Deanne Eversmeyer featuring native plants such as American serviceberry, American yellowwood, Virginia sweetspire, spicebush, fragrant sumac, native ferns and grasses. 10 a.m.

    Green Scene: The bounty of fall includes tours, lectures and workshops

  • Ponderosa pine and Gambel oak are common, along with mountain mahogany and serviceberry.

    Ecoregions of New Mexico (EPA)

  • These barren-looking mountains are covered instead by dense mountain brush that is dominated by mountain big sagebrush, western serviceberry, snowberry, and low sagebrush.

    Ecoregions of Nevada (EPA)

  • As a result, riparian tree and shrub growth is more extensive than in other Northwestern Great Plains (43) ecoregions; boxelder, snowberry, serviceberry, and bullberry grow along streams and up north-facing slopes.

    Ecoregions of Wyoming (EPA)


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  • "Also called shadblow, shadbush, juneberry and saskatoon in different areas of the country" (says Horticulture Information).

    April 13, 2009

  • "I will make something of you both pigment

    and insecticide. Something natural,

    even red, like serviceberries."

    - from "Still Life, with Gloxinia" in Interior with Sudden Joy by Brenda Shaughnessy

    April 7, 2009