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  • adv. In a shamefaced manner.

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  • Bashfully; with excessive modesty.

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  • adv. in a shamefaced manner


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shamefaced +‎ -ly


  • Again, we have that she was 'a wanton hussy '; her' trolloping muse 'shamefacedly' wallowed in the mire '; but finally the historian is bound to confess' she was never dull '.

    The Works of Aphra Behn, Volume I

  • She paused, biting her lower lip a touch shamefacedly.

    The Priest

  • Misinterpreting his silence, Martinez glanced over at him a little shamefacedly.

    The Priest

  • Will the Democratic Party hang its collective head shamefacedly over the performance of its Senate Judiciary Committee members during the Alito hearings?


  • An outcry was generally voiced as he shamefacedly recovered it.

    The DreydelMaker (exerpt)

  • In the New Testament, women are given special instruction to behave shamefacedly, and dress in modest apparel.

    Protecting Our Daughters

  • However, my favorite moment came when brainiac humorist Sarah Vowell shamefacedly admitted that the only reason she had heard of “Chrismukkah” was because she used to watch The O.C. Did you see Surviving the Holidays with Lewis Black?

    'Surviving the Holidays with Lewis Black': The 'Daily Show' regular reveals his not-so-inner Scrooge |

  • The scumbags get caught sneaking in more bling toys to live the high life, so they shamefacedly say they are not gonna buy they planes.

    House to back off from controversial plane purchase

  • That time Israel agreed to accept the team, only to demand more and more concessions, finally reneging on its promise and rejecting the investigation altogether, leaving UN Secretary General Kofi Annan to shamefacedly disband the team, then cooling their heels in Geneva, and send them home.

    Phyllis Bennis: Israel to Let the IN in...or Not?

  • (“And the country roaring like a bull in its wounds, coughing like a sick lung in the smog, turning over in sleep at the sound of motorcycles, shivering at its need for new phalanxes of order …”) However — and this has to be set against his somewhat promiscuous attitude toward violence and obscenity and les actes gratuits — he did shamefacedly admit that there was a bourgeois side to these matters, too:

    Master of Conventions


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  • "I hope the once vexed question of docking horses is now settled, but a good many puppies are still deprived of their tails by breeders, or, shamefacedly, by us. The only excuse for the operation, barring disease of the tail, is fashion." - The Countryman rural English peridical, Autumn 1957, p.439.

    November 2, 2009