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  • n. The property of being shameful.
  • n. The result or product of being shameful.

from The Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia

  • n. Modesty; diffidence.
  • n. Shameful character; disgracefulness.
  • n. Shame; disgrace.

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  • n. unworthiness meriting public disgrace and dishonor


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From shameful +‎ -ness


  • The prefix fi - adds the idea of shamefulness to what follows, thus producing this easily understandable result, synonymous with the more usual Esperanto term bordel (o).

    VERBATIM: The Language Quarterly Vol VII No 3

  • I am saved the pain of being burnt alive, and thus, perhaps, saved from a death of despair, but the shamefulness is the same, and it is that I think of. "

    Celebrated Crimes (Complete)

  • While I think steroids likely played a role in the surge in HRs, there are also other factors, including – along with the equipment and training points raised earlier in the thread – things like the diminishing sense of shamefulness attached to hitters striking out.

    Matthew Yglesias » PEDs

  • Viraj felt the silliness of all this — the utter lack of dignity — and a shamefulness attached itself tightly to his skin, a realization that for all his successes and failures, he was still a cowardly boy, provoked unnecessarily by stupid envy.


  • If they give an incorrect answer in class or perform poorly on an exam, they can sometimes be so stymied by shame that it is necessary to reassure them, minimizing their feelings of shamefulness so they can effectively learn and perform.

    TEXAS FAITH: Is shame still part of our culture? | RELIGION Blog |

  • Even without taking the current economic climate into consideration, this crime approaches brutalizing dogs in shamefulness.

    Russ Wellen: Michael Vick's Second Crime Almost as Bad as his First

  • Although she is a bright and resourceful woman, there is a shamefulness in her lack of ethics -- a feminist, a womanist, and a humanist is forced to discount her ardency and tenacity because of her lack of ethics.

    New Pro-Hillary Group's Ad: Obama Has No Specifics On The Economy

  • It reinforces the idea that breasts and breastfeeding hover on the very razor's edge of shamefulness, that these things on our chests are somehow, in some way, dirty and icky and bad, unless we operate them under the very strictest rules of propriety only if they're covered up! only if it's your own baby! only if it doesn't make us uncomfortable! only if WE SAY IT'S OKAY!

    They Shoot Wet Nurses, Don't They?

  • He is not content to rest on his laurels, or in his case to let such hideous, thorny laurels rest on him, though they threaten to crush him with the weight of their shamefulness.

    Jeff Dorchen: Expelled: Ben Stein's Fall from Disgrace... to... Something Even Lower

  • Given all the praise heaped upon McCain, the bomber of Hanoi, this is a natural question - especially for the millions of us who remember the inexpressible shamefulness of this genocidal war on the agrarian Asian population of a brutal French colony that suffered Japanese occupation and fought both the Japanese and Vichy French as a U.S. ally.

    So How Many Poor Vietnamese Did McCain's Bombs Kill in 23 Runs?


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