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  • n. A word formed, with an assistant vowel, from the initial letters of the Hebrew words shisha sedārīm, literally, ‘the six orders,’ the common rabbinical name for the Talmud, which is divided into six principal orders, namely: Zeraim, seed
  • n. Moed, holidays
  • n. Nashim, women
  • n. Nezikin, damages
  • n. Kodshim, holy, sanctified things
  • n. Taharoth, purification.


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  • "Conv'shas'n wi 'me?" said Ned, swaying himself to and fro as he endeavoured to look steadily in the face of his friend; "fire away, shen.

    Fighting the Flames

  • Neeechan!!! lindah Gaby = 3 = te kieeero warra {ja! xD} no shas en serioh te kieroh!!!

    crazydark Diary Entry

  • This popwatch comments section shas become too surreal.

    'Buffy' academic conferences. Discuss. |

  • SCHNEIDER: And even if she has endorsed Obama, she's been a good soldier, her husband shas endorsed Obama, some of her supporters aren't taking direction from her.

    CNN Transcript Aug 16, 2008

  • Based on my extremely limited knowledge of that language, the Nahuatl pronounciation would probably be more like "TAY-shas" and "may-SHEE-ko" than the modern Mexican pronounciations. PRONUNCIATION WARS IN TEXAS.

  • I love seeing my shas and Midrash Rabbah and Tur and Mishneh Torah all snuggled together.

    Books are Fun To Read - Danya Ruttenberg

  • "Y'aah shas slit dz'in nitsa," she said to the man.

    Dance Of Death

  • "Y'aah shas," he said hastily, as if remembering himself.

    Dance Of Death

  • Outside were about fifty of the now well-known jin-ti-ki-shas, and the air was full of a buzz produced by the rapid reiteration of this uncouth word by fifty tongues.

    Unbeaten Tracks in Japan

  • "Lo'teros, shas tella, Kal'enedral," he replied, much to Tarma's surprise; bowing, making a fist and placing it over his heart as he bowed.



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