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  • noun US, slang, South A horse.
  • noun US, slang, Southeast A big person, usually a man; a person who has size comparable to that of a horse.
  • noun US, slang, Southeast Slang term of address for a man. What's up, hoss?
  • noun slang A well-respected person.
  • noun US, slang, Northwest A Car.


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  • That's what I call a hoss! and -- What did you say?

    Complete Poetical Works

  • "Lead on," said Pardon Dodge, with unexpected spirit; "I am not one of them 'ere fellers as fears a big river; and my hoss is a dreadful fine swimmer."

    Nick of the Woods

  • The hoss is a toppy trick -- bright bay, short backed, good coupled 'n' 'll weigh eleven hundred strong.

    Blister Jones

  • "A hoss is a plumb, narrow-minded critter, but he knows enough for that."

    The Killer

  • Dat can'date pawed de groun 'lak a hoss an' tried to git outen de winder.

    The Strength of Gideon and Other Stories

  • I'se only got wot folks calls hoss-sense, but it's dead agin you bofe.

    The Earth Trembled

  • And then he dove back into the tent for his "hoss" pistol and his rusty spear.

    The Young Oarsmen of Lakeview

  • To him that "hoss" pistol was a mighty weapon, greatly to be feared.

    The Young Oarsmen of Lakeview

  • Sometimes she said "hoss," unmistakably; and here, and again when she said "bile" for "boil," it was obviously with humorous intention.

    A Hoosier Chronicle

  • The little boy was wrought to enthusiasm by this tribute, resolving always to remember to say "hoss" for horse; and, though he had not heard of Budd

    The Seeker


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  • I define this as: as a woman/girl who is large, beefy, or thick and could probably knock you over.

    February 2, 2007

  • That definition is here: (along with many others for the same word)

    February 2, 2007

  • "'I can't see!' he screamed, and from behind him George Stark whispered: 'They're flying again, old hoss. Don't forget. And don't get in my way.'"

    - 'The Dark Half', Stephen King.

    December 31, 2007