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  • n. A dish consisting of marinated cubes of lamb or beef grilled or roasted on a spit, often with slices of eggplant, onion, and tomato; shish kebab.

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  • n. A form of skewered dish.


from The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, 4th Edition

Russian shashlyk, of Turkish origin.

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Russian шашлык (šašlýk), from Turkic, compare Turkish şişlik.


  • During Ramadan many Azerbaijanis do not fast, and the cafés in Astara do a bustling lunch business, serving lamb shashlik, or barbecue, to visiting Iranians.

    The Tijuana of the Caspian

  • The moles accompanied Henry and Chris to school, where the boys ate their packed lunches and claimed their pets had their own invisible and much more appetizing food, such as shashlik, which was cooked for them in special ovens.

    Henry’s Demons

  • To the room on his left there was a virtual banquet; mounds of grilled lamb, shashlik, mussakhan and chicken liver.

    Vince Flynn Collectors’ Edition #2

  • Also I note that about half the restaurants in our guide go something like "amazing shashlik, dumplings, fish, great atmosphere, and oh by the way topless waitresses, just saying."

    Just Wow

  • First we eat lamb shashlik in tender strips with a dried, hard cow cheese and bread, and savoury doughnuts that we dunk in sour milk.


  • In the picture below, you can also see my normal gauge, which is a shashlik stick shortened and smoothed with fine sandpaper, resulting in the 4mm mesh size.

    Archive 2009-02-01

  • Looking Back Betsy McKay In 1998, Vitaly Starodubov and seven-year-old Irina splurged on shashlik, or grilled kebabs, at 16 rubles for five pieces from a sidewalk vendor.

    Living Larger in the New Russia

  • Men collected at grills that served shashlik of sturgeon and beef in front of Ivanov's dacha, ten times the normal size but at least a Russian design, not a hijacked Parthenon.

    Wolves Eat Dogs

  • The Molokan church hosted a welcoming get-together, an end-of-the-summer barbecue with steak and shashlik.

    The Town

  • She accompanied him across the yard to a spot under the cottonwood tree where a group of old men stood around eating shashlik.

    The Town


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  • I should probably have spelled it shashlyk to reflect the Russian spelling and pronunciation (шашлык), with the typically Russian hard l and the dark, rich unround back vowel y (ы).

    A delicious-sounding word, indeed.

    August 26, 2008

  • This Georgia's been in the news so much that it's the other Georgia that's the other Georgia for me.

    August 26, 2008

  • It sounds SO good - and almost onomatopoetic for "drooling".

    August 26, 2008

  • Georgian home cooking (no, the other Georgia!).

    A delicious mutton kebab, served in one of my favorite Leningrad restaurants in the 1980s, the Kavkaz ("Caucasus").

    August 26, 2008