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  • n. The dobson or hellgrammite.


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  • Seeing drunk Iron Man does evoke some of the memories I had of ol’ shellhead from the comics I read in the 70′s.

    2010 May « Monster Scifi Show Blog

  • Iron Man and The Armor Wars is an Iron Man tale that is familiar to long term Iron Man readers, but completely fresh and accessible to new readers of ole 'shellhead's adventures.

  • The broken briefcase image comes from an old post where I was teasing non-shellhead fans what could possibly be in the briefcase… Iron Man 2 Briefcase Armor Quietly Unveiled… anyone who had been following the comics since, like say, the age of 10 in my case made the correct guess right away!

    IRON MAN 2: Suitcase or Breifcase Armor Suit Up Sequence

  • This may, shellhead is finally getting the big picture treatment, and it looks like they're doing a really good job with this version - good cast, really good CGI and action.

    Archive 2007-09-01

  • With a new movie coming out, the fans are all riled up, and SEGA's out to deliver a game worthy of old shellhead.


  • FOOD: Local shellhead Rodney "The Oysterman" Clark is inviting all his fellow oyster enthusiasts down to Rodney's Oyster


  • It begins six months after the end of, enough time for Tony's identity as shellhead to make a mark in the world and have consequences on his life.


  • New Kick-Ass poster featuring McLovin as Red Mist! time old shellhead is taking a break to give us a look at a new character poster for the Matthew Vaughn-directed adaptation - Articles related to Britney Spears Earns Grammy Nomination for Best Dance Recording with 'Womanizer'

  • Before you start to think that this is some type of praise for ol’ shellhead, it’s not.

    2010 May 06 « Monster Scifi Show Blog

  • Super Iron Man geeks take note: in the flash of footage with both shellhead and War Machine, you can plainly see that Iron Man’s chest emblem is triangular, rather than the circle seen in the first film and other IM2 clips and photos.

    More Iron Man 2 Footage (War Machine!) and Two New ‘Clues’ | /Film


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  • Bicyclists with helmets, according to some wags.

    May 16, 2015