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  • n. A Chinese measure of capacity, equal to about nine tenths of a United States quart.


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  • As a single can see Li Ka-shing is you do commercial operation with a vast boys of International Banking.

    Batin Itam: The Li Blood Line

  • According to Fortune Magazine, 7/13/92, p. 106, Li Ka-shing is worth 4 Billion Us. dol! lars.

    Batin Itam: The Li Blood Line

  • U Ka-shing is chairman or arch senior manager of his 4 vast companies in Hong Kong.

    Batin Itam: The Li Blood Line

  • By doing Xiu Lian or Xiu Tao, one can reach ming xin jian xing pronounced ming sheen jyen shing, which is to enlighten one’s heart in order to see the Yuan Shen that was hidden within the heart.

    Tao I

  • When a sword makes a 'shing' sound, it's from the blade grazing against the throat on its way out.

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  • In short, he says, swords will occasionally "shing" in real life by chance but very rarely by design.

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  • Brenda Lawrence of Manilla, Ont., asks: Does a sword really make a "shing" sound when it is drawn from its scabbard, the way it does in the movies?

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  • "There's a piece of me that thinks a Jew who can't participate at least to some degree in the processing of an animal shouldn't necessarily eat that animal," says Kantor, who grew up hunting and fi shing in Sun Valley, Idaho.

    Sue Fishkoff: The New Jewish Food Movement: Jews Who Meet What They Eat

  • When a “folically challenged” food critic insults him, Fin (me and The Foom are tight, first name basis with a star of his magnitude gets me access to all kind of exclusive restaurants, back-stage at concerts, invites to Hollywood parties, etc.) decides to give him a taste of the shing tau root, which leads to interesting consequences.

    Quick Hits – Star Trek Comics, The Unwritten, The Unknown, Blackest Night, Flash: Rebirth, and More

  • Omg.Omg. i was litterally first lyk da dude wid da shing black fringe is pretty cool but wid as u said twilight influence n he lykin da books n den bein called as EDWARD CULEEN.aaaaaaaaaaaaaa. iwas knocked off my heals n now am totally, in favour of adam, da idol edward cullen.

    Twilight Lexicon » Adam Lambert Talks Twilight Again


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