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  • n. An enormous amount; a fuckload.


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shit +‎ ton


  • A self-published book by an otherwise unpublished and unknown author will need, if you'll excuse my unprofessional language here, a shitton of marketing to reach more than the author's immediate friends, family, coworkers, etc.

    Novel Survey Results, Part I

  • And I keep telling myself that there's a whole shitton of stuff I could be sent to do and that it'll take a whole, long lifetime to even try to finish anything.

    long post about frustrations I have

  • Does ClearChannel (they own a shitton of billboards) cater to Republicans or to any buck that comes it's way?

    Big Union Drops Tough Social Security Mailer Hitting McCain's Wealth

  • Needless to say, that translates to roughly a shitton of time and energy spent on non-data producing nonsense.


  • It was a grand total of Y20 for my salad ($3) and Y8 for my dumplings ($1), so I got a metric shitton of food for $4. TravelStream™ — Recent Entries at

  • I'm still down for the DP action-that's the place with the shitton of brown liquor and a shuffleboard table, right?


  • Advantage: Avatar, because even though Hollywood likes the prospect of money, they like the idea of patting themselves on the back for making a shitton of it even more.


  • Whether or not you are excited about the art style, the core gameplay is still the same: gritty, fun co-op FPS action on an alien frontier world with RPG elements and a metric shitton of guns.

    Voodoo Extreme

  • Metal Battalions Maidens theme 2 ($1.49) who in the hell is going to buy that bowling game when HVB is a shitton better?? sure you can argue that you cant play HVB on the PSP but still ... just now coming out with a Savage Moon demo?


  • However, there were a number of scenes that I kept remembering from the show, characters I still liked, and shitton fuckassloads of fan material that graced my eyes. Antenna


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