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  • v. Simple past tense and past participle of shop.


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  • At a cost of $3 million which took three years to complete, with the idea shopped around for six, MLB Commissioner Bud Selig clucked, "This is the first of what I hope is a series of academies all over America."

    Why America's Pastime Is Losing Its Identity

  • But that doesn't mean we should take seriously the idea shopped around by conservatives that Matthews 'split-second misjudgment somehow drew back the curtain on the Beltway press corps and revealed its latent liberal bias, or that because Matthews sort of whispered "Oh God" under his breath, viewers heard what Matthews really thought.

    Media Matters for America - Limbaugh Wire

  • But ... that picture is majorly photo shopped, which is a shame because the real Mariska is far more beautiful that cut, cropped and airbrushed version of her. perhaps that's why everyone is having a hard time accepting that she considers herself as full figured ...

    Celebrity Baby Blog

  • Then he and I both worked on faking up that moon landing they shot most of the footage for allathem on the first go, then just "shopped" in the other astronauts, later.

    Barak Obama is a secret alien from the Slzrd Star System

  • As the Times piece chronicles, these memos are the direct products of the machinations of an administration that basically "shopped" for the torture legal opinions it sought -- discarding attorneys who were not compliant, and holding close those who rubberstamped the views of Vice President Cheney by coming up with legal justifications -- no matter how far-fetched -- for torturing people.

    Anthony D. Romero: Secrets of the Justice Department

  • An agent likes a book that has a clean slate, one that has not been "shopped" to editors by the author.

    The Personal 'No-Comment': In Which We Need Some Better Terms for Rejections

  • : More than 100 shirtless men "shopped" in a New York City Abercrombie & Fitch last year -- sort of like the bare-chested men in the store's ads.

    The New Pranksters

  • More than any of our other pets, Leo was "shopped" for, only really, it was just that the pictures of him drew me in and I couldn't not go get him.

    What we find, and what finds us (What if No One's Watching?)

  • The material is not much different from that which has been "shopped" to the writers of this blog by well known, local Democratic activists.

    Archive 2006-06-01

  • Indeed, some of the material is very similar to items that were "shopped" to the blog in the past by well-known San Fernando Valley Democratic activists, but material we were unable to confirm, and in some cases found contradictory evidence.

    Archive 2006-06-01


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