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  • n. A body that provides counsel to a leader


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From Arabic شورى ("consultation")


  • The term shura, as such, is to be distinguished from the term istisharah, which means one side seeking counsel from another, and from the term tashawur, which means mutual consultation but on a lesser scale than that envisioned in shura as a nationwide participatory political exercise.

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  • Mr. Omar, who heads a Taliban leadership council called the Quetta "shura" -- named after the city in southeast Pakistan where it is believed to be based -- has typically focused on choosing Taliban leaders and funneling money, religious guidance and strategic advice to fighters.

    Taliban Chief Extends Control Over Insurgency

  • U.S. and Afghan officials then invited village elders to Karezgay for a meeting, called a shura, to discuss the plans.

    Learning a Hard History Lesson in 'Talibanistan'

  • Afghan officials called another shura late last month.

    Learning a Hard History Lesson in 'Talibanistan'

  • The first, Mullah Berader, is a longtime senior Taliban leader who sits on the Quetta shura, which is believed to have about 20 members.

    Taliban Chief Extends Control Over Insurgency

  • We have learned, according to a source inside of Kandahar, that a meeting called a shura, a meeting of tribal elders of a Pashtun tribe called the Norzai met together last night and had decided that one of Mullah Mohammed Omar -- the spiritual leader of the Taliban -- one of Mullah Omar's deputies would become the chief administrator of the city of Kandahar.

    CNN Transcript Nov 17, 2001

  • The Islamic word "shura" does not translate into the English word "democracy" as the AP and the American Politicians seem to think....

    Yahoo! News: Business - Opinion

  • At the first tribal gathering which is known as a shura, one tribal elder after another stood up, speaking loudly, angrily, some shouting at the president, complaining of police corruption, official bribes and insecurity, our correspondent says.

    BBC - Ouch

  • Baradar has been the link between fugitive Mullah Omar and the shadowy military council known as the shura which has been leading the Taliban's bloody campaign against NATO forces in Afghanistan. Top Stories

  • Also present at the meeting, known as a shura, was the president's younger brother, Ahmad Wali Karzai, a high-ranking Kandahar official and key source of support in the south, despite having been publicly accused of being a major drug lord _ part of the corruption and cronyism that undermines support for the government and drives Afghans to the Taliban.

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  • "To keep the rest of the government informed, and to avoid turf battles, in June Holbrooke and Lieutenant General Doug Lute, the President's adviser on Afghanistan and Pakistan, started a weekly Monday-evening meeting at the State Department for all the relevant agencies. Lute called it the 'shura.'"

    - "The Last Mission" by George Packer, The New Yorker, September 28, 2009, p 47

    September 28, 2009