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  • n. A minor show or exhibition alongside of or near a principal one; hence, an incidental diversion or attraction; a by-play.


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  • Nothing required but a willing Actor without any real threat to invoke Terror, and with the additional side-show (think the Flying Imams also), to put off and divert attention to the Political as they prepare/plan their next attacks on the US.

    DHS Director Janet Napolitano: “the system worked.” - Moe_Lane’s blog - RedState

  • There isn't one laptop in the show, however; every film, video, DVD, or what-show-you is seen in a dedicated viewing context, whether cast upon a large screen, seen on a small screen in a booth, or even peeked at through an updated version of a side-show mutoscope.

    Peter Frank: Blague d'Art: Moving Pictures, Frozen Music

  • So now that the Repugicans have had their side-show grandstanding for the Party "base", we can get on with the business of government.

    Collins announces support for Sotomayor

  • She's Lily, an angel with wings—very nice wings with fluffy feathers—who works as a side-show freak in a seedy carnival.

    'Thor': A Vehicle of Low Norsepower

  • We did search online for guys that are interested in people like us, but we found out very quickly that most of these guys are fetishists, and are in it purely for the circus side-show freak aspect of it.


  • Saxon responded, mimicking the cry of a side-show barker.


  • I'd say this is nothing more than a side-show designed to placate the transit consituency and not a sincere attempt at saving two transit agencies. benschiendelman

    Extra Fizz: Senate Poised to Kill Transit Funding « PubliCola

  • Here again public attention has focused on a side-show, namely the ECB's direct purchases of distressed government bonds.

    Borrower, and Lender, Beware

  • And Amanda kidded herself not, as long as there were paying rubes to be fleeced, there would be snake-oil salesman and sleazy side-show gurus working the Cosmic Carney Circuit.

    Archive 2010-05-01

  • But it's dark under the ferris wheel, behind the back of a side-show tent.



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