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  • adj. Alternative spelling of sideling.
  • adv. Alternative spelling of sideling.
  • v. Present participle of sidle.

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  • A Middle English form of sideling.


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Cognate with the above (form of sidle, from Middle English sidlyng, from which also directly sidling, above).


  • Yet somehow, by a kind of sidling process, he took up a new position in regard to the fire and themselves, the result of which was that they occupied the best places, while he stood at one corner in an attitude which resisted attack and yet invited it.

    The Extra Day

  • If the trail be at all "sidling" (and mountain trails are almost always "sidling"), the toboggan swings off on the side of the inclination and must be kept on the trail by main force.

    Ten Thousand Miles with a Dog Sled A Narrative of Winter Travel in Interior Alaska

  • Such a trail, called a "sidling" trail in the vernacular of mushing, is always difficult and laborious to travel, for the sled slips continually off it into the loose snow or the ice cracks, and often for long stretches at a time one man must hold up the nose of the sled while the other toils at the handle-bars.

    Ten Thousand Miles with a Dog Sled A Narrative of Winter Travel in Interior Alaska

  • He would neglect the common dangers of a rocky descent, and "sidling" way, to guard against perils far more dreaded: he would often pause, to listen; the moving of the leaf, would terrify him.

    The History of Tasmania , Volume II

  • For most of us, that kind of sidling up is excruciatingly transparent and usually disgusting.

    Multichannel News: Business News

  • Over there on Meridian Road the boy could see cars sidling by at safe and reasonable speeds.


  • Kendra had spent her nights sidling up to Hugh Hefner in a notoriously crowded bed.

    Gillian Clark: Chaz Bono's Unscripted Reality

  • “Send him down the hill,” Forrest repeated, as he tickled his champing mount with the slightest of spur-tickles and shot her out along the road, sidling, head-tossing, and attempting to rear.


  • She sidled and attempted to rear as he swung into the saddle, and, sidling and attempting to rear, she went off down the graveled road.


  • I saw one guy purposely sidling left to right so someone would bump into him so he could get into a fight…' I looked at Pat who was listening intently, but now she had one leg hanging over the side of her chair.

    Potsdamer Strasse #4


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