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  • See skyey.

from the GNU version of the Collaborative International Dictionary of English.

  • adjective See skyey.

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  • adjective Alternative spelling of skyey.


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  • There was, besides, out-field land, from which it was thought possible to extract a crop now and then, after which it was abandoned to the “skiey influences,” until the exhausted powers of vegetation were restored.

    The Monastery

  • Soe kitteh staurtez tuu risez up thru teh windoe adn geyts airboaurne iyntu teh skiey tuu joinez teh Valkeyries hoo had bin stayeing stil iyn foarmashun, waiyteing foar hers;

    HALP! - Lolcats 'n' Funny Pictures of Cats - I Can Has Cheezburger?

  • Afture hims crawlez aowt ov teh chrysaluus, tehn hims can has liyftaowf up iyntuu teh brite bloo summure skiey; tehn hims wil dip adn spinnes adn jes dryfte roun awn teh waurm breeziz, stritching hims wingses foar teh furst tiem;

    Excellent…. - Lolcats 'n' Funny Pictures of Cats - I Can Has Cheezburger?

  • ♪♫♪♫♫♫ Stayndyng onna kourner, unnerneeth teh spryngtiem skiey ♪♫♪♫♫♫♫

    Coolness - Lolcats 'n' Funny Pictures of Cats - I Can Has Cheezburger?

  • When noontide has passed, and the weary day has driven her team to their western stalls, the fires of heaven rise from the East, moving in their accustomed path, they ascend and descend the skiey hill.

    The Last Man

  • Then he was gay as a lark carolling from its skiey tower, soaring in thought as an eagle, innocent as the mild-eyed dove.

    The Last Man

  • "What an interesting face and figure!" she now exclaimed, at gaze through the lorgnon, as though it were a celestial aid to vision needful for such a long range, as it must be even for angelic eyes looking from the skiey ramparts to a world where bare feet press the earth, to say nothing of woollen doormats.

    The White Riband A Young Female's Folly

  • But the rest of the same company had their bodies covered by little shields, and used very long swords and targets of skiey hue, which, in time of war, they either cast behind their backs or gave over to the baggage-bearers; while they cast away all protection to their breasts, and exposed their bodies to every peril, offering battle with drawn swords.

    The Danish History, Books I-IX

  • Smith thrills thousands in daily flights and skiey acrobatics, including crazy dips and loops, startling dashes to the earth and illuminated flights through the night air.

    The Jewel City

  • Lo! see their bright thought-bodies zoom past trillions of Spirit-created planets, fresh bubbles of universes, wisdom-stars, spectral dreams of golden nebulae, all over the skiey blue bosom of Infinity!

    Autobiography of a Yogi


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