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  • The open window of the Tower brought in the scents of autumn with a bog-reek of sluagh and bogans.

    Archive 2008-02-01

  • Would you trust anyone who managed to convert "sluagh-gharim" i.e. war-cry into the entirely non-existent "slughorn"? THINKING FULL WELL.

  • The belligerent clans of the Gael knew this many centuries ago – though they, with their genius for wasting letters, wrote it sluagh-gairm.

    Try Anything Twice

  • "unseelie" does not me impish prankster. your unseelie red cap should be eating babies. your unseelie sluagh should be creeping out of the closet to bring terror to children- absolute, psyche scarring horror. your unseelie pooka should be telling the kind of lies that wreck a marriage, that cause a massacre.

    mordicai: crown me king!

  • S gach ional-cÃtha ’s gach fuaim bh’ anns an iarmailt mu’n cuairtThug dhuinn dearbhadh troimh ‘n oidhch’ gu robh bhratach sin suas; O! am bheil fathast a’ bhratach air bheil breacadh nan reultOs cionn dachaidh sluagh saor ‘us Ãit’ còmhnuidh nan treun?

    Think Progress » Lamar Alexander: Talking Bilingualism Out of Both Sides of His Mouth


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  • In Irish and Scottish folklore, the Sluagh (Irish pronunciation: sɫuə, Scottish Gaelic: slˠ̪uaɣ, modern Irish spelling Slua, English: "horde, crowd") were the spirits of the restless dead.

    April 3, 2018