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  • adj. Resembling a snake. Long, thin and flexible; waving about in a snake-like manner.
  • adj. Like that of a snake; as, a snakelike tongue

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  • adj. resembling a serpent in form


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  • But the clerk was calling the snakelike police officer this very moment, probably.

    The Three Furies

  • All the time he was chanting the old man kept up a kind of snakelike movement in his body, which seemed to fit the chant and make it part of him.

    The Aran Islands

  • Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, released in 2007, almost finished him off, as his hesitant courtship of a fellow Hogwarts student (the demure Cho Chang) proceeded simultaneously with the onslaughts of a rampant snakelike essence from within his own brain.

    Sex and the Single Wizard

  • He received no applause, and he squirmed through the ropes, snakelike, into the arms of his seconds, who help ed him to the floor and supported him down the aisle into the crowd.

    Chapter 6

  • Her fingers slithered snakelike under my breechcloth.

    Fire The Sky

  • When incorporated into a cell's membranes, the snakelike EFA molecules add fluidity and flexibility to the membrane.

    Leo Galland, M.D.: Frankenfats: How the Food Industry Created a Monster

  • She approached more cautiously, and the cub had full opportunity to observe her lean, snakelike body, and her head, erect, eager, and snake-like itself.

    The Wall of the World

  • We bank right and cross over a breathtaking canyon where the Chuitna tumbles over huge boulders and bends snakelike between red bluffs and around little islands covered with spruce, and I think to myself that this is one of the loveliest places I've ever seen.

    Jeanne Devon ("AKMuckraker"): Chuitna and the Curse of Coal

  • Under the proposed new lines unveiled by the California Citizens Redistricting Commission, legislative districts would have a more compact shape, with few dividing cities or taking snakelike paths to connect similar voting blocs.

    Voting Map Stirs Criticism

  • In a flash of blinding light, a small red dragon with a thin snakelike body flew out of the mirror and hovered in the air.

    Master of Mirrors


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