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  • n. An Italian coin, formerly one-twentieth of a lira.

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  • n. A small Italian coin worth a sou or a cent; the twentieth part of a lira.

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  • n. A small Italian coin of copper or billon, the twentieth part of the lira; a sol or sou.


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From Italian soldo, from Latin solidum.


  • Not even Vicenzo da Lozzo, the letter-writer, was glad of the day, although people besieged his desk under the court-house loggia, and were more than willing to pay him a soldo a word, if they only might write a line of farewell on this their last day to their dear ones far away.

    The Miracles of Antichrist: A Novel

  • The sparings of the whole week which have not been laid out for chances in the lottery, are spent for this evening's amusement; and in the vast pit you see, besides the families of comfortable artisans who can evidently afford it, a multitude of the ragged poor, whose presence, even at the low rate of eight or ten soldi [Footnote: The soldo is the hundredth part of the

    Venetian Life

  • Maidens with water-jars on their heads which might have been dug up at Pompeii; priests with broad hats and huge cloaks; sailors with blue shirts and red girdles; urchins who almost instinctively cry for a "soldo" and break into the Tarantella if you look at them; quiet, grave, farmer-peasants with the Phrygian cap; coral-fishers fresh from the African coast with tales of storm and tempest and the Madonna's help -- make up group after group of Caprese life as one looks idly on, a life not specially truthful perhaps or moral or high-minded, but sunny and pleasant and pretty enough, and harmonizing in its own genial way with the sunshine and beauty around.

    Stray Studies from England and Italy

  • Un soldo risparmiato è un soldo guadagnato da spendere senza pensarci su cose frivole ma divertenti.

    No Fat Clips!!! : Kiwi: Crazy Train

  • The cheapest dishes, at one soldo, consisted of a slice of pizza, or four or five fritters made from bits of cabbage stalk and fragments of anchovy, or nine boiled chestnuts swimming in a reddish juice.


  • He cuts them into so many slices worth one soldo each, and gives them to a boy who goes off to sell them from a portable table at some street corner.


  • I grandi uomini in tempo di guerra vanno via tre al soldo.

    Archive 2006-05-01

  • They meant him to be a priest, and raked and scraped every soldo to educate him.

    Lippincott's Magazine, December 1878

  • It was just the life he loved, the ideal life, and it wasn't costing him a cent -- no, not a _soldo_, to speak more in the Venetian manner.

    The Spinner's Book of Fiction

  • A man in a barrier hut stopped him and made him understand that he had to pay a soldo.

    Jenny: A Novel


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  • cf. dialectal croatian from the Istrian peninsula, šoldi (same meaning)

    August 3, 2015

  • Soldi also refers to money in general.

    August 2, 2015

  • n. An Italian coin, formerly one-twentieth of a lira. Plural: soldi.

    August 2, 2015