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  • adj. Pertaining to soteriology.

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  • Of or pertaining to soteriology; specifically, pertaining to the doctrine of spiritual salvation through Jesus Christ.

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  • adj. of or relating to soteriology


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From soteriology +‎ -ical, after German soteriologisch.


  • Differences in soteriological conceptions follow from the different evaluation of the person and mission of Jesus.

    Confessing the Messiah: The Church's Confession of Christ in Jewish-Christian Dialogue - Bishop Müller's Statement Pt. III

  • I don't at all mind explaining theological jargon, for instance, because there just isn't a really compelling reason to know the word soteriological, for instance, without studying theology.


  • This pressing question, fraught with all sorts of theological, soteriological, and political undertones, is bravely and soberly (ahem!) addressed in this recent AFP article, which provides the following (admittedly non-systematic) answers:


  • (Self-Power and Other-Power are two divisions of Buddhism dividing it into those schools which teach a soteriological end for those who practice on their own via their own wills, versus those which depend upon the Other Power of Amida).

    Printing: Boors versus Buddhists

  • Interrupted occasionally by call-ins of incredulous listeners, Limbaugh detailed months of off-the-record conversations with Wallis during which the two forged a deep friendship despite political, theological, philosophical, ideological, ecological, anthropological, eschatological, and soteriological differences.

    Jim Wallis: Video: Rush Limbaugh to Speak at Sojourners' Mobilization to End Poverty

  • Buddhist soteriological practice as Insichsein or "being-within-self" (that is, ultimately without concrete determinants); or whether Buddhism did influence him indirectly; my thesis stands: that there is a remarkable and historically probable collusion between Hegel's view of the nothingness of the in-itself — or, as first stated in the

    Hegel on Buddhism

  • One very significant aspect of the soteriological practice of Buddhism is the progressive realization of ever more profound views of reality.

    Hegel on Buddhism

  • Iconographic studies, especially those focused on the astrological aspects of the cult, abound, while other scholars examine the philosophical and soteriological nature of the cult (Turcan 1975 and Bianchi 1982).

    Carry-Over Thread

  • Being rather more interested in the soteriological than the dialectical these days, I find the idea of herding humans into pens a bit, well, inhumane.

    [illegal immigrants] why post when someone already has

  • I do wonder why so many contemporary believers take its basic soteriological narrative so literally, so earnestly, so clumsily.

    John Seery: An Egghead's Eggnog Tidings


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  • 'I didn't exist at Creation,

    I didn't exist at the Flood,

    And I won't be around for Salvation

    To sort out the sheep from the cud-

    'Or whatever the phrase is. The fact is

    In soteriological terms

    I'm a crude existential malpractice

    And you are a diet of worms.

    - from "God, A Poem" by James Fenton

    November 6, 2012