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  • n. The recording of an activity from the perspective of a participant in the activity.


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  • Coined the term sousveillance to describe the use of lifelogging cameras as a counter to surveillance.

    USC IMD:

  • Thus, loosely speaking, sousveillance is watchful vigilance from underneath.

    Smart Mobs » Blog Archive » Sousveillance: Wearable Counter-Surveillance

  • Members of Fit Watch, a protest group opposed to police forward intelligence teams (Fits), the units that monitor demonstrations and meetings, similarly combine political and media activism in their "sousveillance" - the latest buzzword for taking videos and photographs of police activities and then uploading them on to the web.

    Pacific Free Press - Hard Truths for Hard Times - Progressive opinion, dissident news

  • We are heading toward a world in which one-click universal disclosure, real-time reporting by both professionals and amateurs, dazzling data visualizations that tell compelling new stories, and the people's ability to watch their government from below (what the French call sousveillance) are becoming commonplace.


  • Bring camcorders, cell phones, and cameras to your polling place for some election "sousveillance" (surveillance from below.)

    RJ Eskow: 100 Million Suspects

  • This is another emerging example of citizen's media in action, and specifically a kind of sousveillance, watching from below (rather than surveillance, watching from above).

    Voter Sousveillance

  • Although this is clearly a kind of surveillance - literally, "looking from above" - it is in spirit an act of "sousveillance", or "looking from below": the use of imaging technology and documentation by ordinary citizens to turn the tables on all-seeing governments and powerful institutions.


  • David Brin sees two futures: 1) the government watches everybody, and 2) everybody watches everybody (the latter he calls "sousveillance").


  • In turn, the sousveillance of Said’s corpse was another trigger, as illicit pictures of his disfigured face, snapped on a cellphone in the morgue, went viral online.

    Ari Melber: A Surprising Barrier to Web Organizing: Facebook

  • But unless you want to suggest rolling back the advancement of technology (which isn't going to happen, unless there's some sort of apocalyptic event that ensures technology is the last thing on our minds), there's no alternative but to embrace sousveillance.

    It's A Sci Fi World: The Surveillance Society


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  • "The term "sousveillance", coined by Steve Mann, stems from the contrasting French words sur, meaning "above", and sous, meaning "below", i.e. "surveillance" denotes the "eye-in-the-sky" watching from above, whereas "sousveillance" denotes bringing the camera or other means of observation down to human level, either physically (mounting cameras on people rather than on buildings), or hierarchically (ordinary people doing the watching, rather than higher authorities or architectures doing the watching)."


    August 16, 2017

  • the placement of a hidden camera in the kitchen of restaurants across the world, meant to catch bong hitting sous chef's and their ilk.

    May 25, 2009

  • The watching of the watchers by the watched; countersurveillance by people not in positions of power or authority. (Double-Tongued Dictionary)

    May 18, 2008