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  • n. cordgrass

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  • n. A genus of grasses, of the tribe Paniceæ.

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  • n. grass of freshwater swamps and salt marshes of Europe, Africa, America, and South Atlantic islands


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From the genus name.


  • Van Heerden's assessment team showed me around Casse-tete Island in Timbalier Bay, where new shoots of spartina grasses were sprouting in oiled marshes, and new leaves were growing on the first black mangroves I had ever seen that were actually black.

    The spill is gone?

  • Cattle grazed on the abundant spartina cordgrasses native to the saltwater meadows.


  • The roots of spartina grass help hold the marsh soil and provide a footing for oysters and ribbed mussels.

    Ecoregions of North Carolina and South Carolina (EPA)

  • The narrow wooden jetty behind the Inn stretched at least a hundred feet out into the sparkling inlet, past the shallows where the spartina and sea oats swayed near the shore and out into deeper water where you could tie up a boat or do some fishing if you were so inclined.

    Forbidden Enchantment

  • A soft, warm breeze rustled the sea oats and gracefully swayed the spartina grass, making ripples in the still waters that stretched in a half-moon around them.

    Forbidden Enchantment

  • On both sides, spartina and needlerush arrowed from sparkling amber toward an immaculate blue sky.

    Break No Bones

  • The dominant plant species in coastal Louisiana is the spartina, better known as smooth cordgrass or salt-marsh cordgrass. - Local News

  • Green spartina grass swayed in the breeze one recent day as barn swallows skimmed by.

    Latest News

  • It is certain that some of the heavily oiled spartina in Louisiana will die.

    NDTV News - Top Stories

  • He recalled that after the 1974 spill the beach grasses, called spartina, which had grown like luxuriant matting along the shore, died.

    NDTV News - Top Stories


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  • "It is said to be also used as a durable thatch; it is succulent and is eagerly eaten by cattle, imparting to their milk, butter, and flesh a strong rancid flavor locally known as a “thatchy” taste."

    --from the Century Dictionary

    March 31, 2011