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  • v. Present participle of spear.
  • n. The stabbing of something with a spear.

from The Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia

  • n. The action denoted by the verb spear; specifically, in harvesting tobacco, the forcing of a pointed stick through the butts of several cut stalks which are to hang upon it while curing. For other methods see pegging, 6, and splitting.
  • n. A fish, Trachinocephalus myops, the ground-spearing, belonging to the family Synodontidæ, found in tropical parts of the western Atlantic.


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  • The boat had no sides because they had to get the crocs on board and Ian said that he liked to do what he called the spearing: lassoing the beast around the jaws.

    Long Way Down

  • STRANGER: Of this barb-fishing, that which strikes the fish who is below from above is called spearing, because this is the way in which the three - pronged spears are mostly used.

    The Sophist

  • The usual way of catching them is by spearing, which is done as follows.

    Twenty-Seven Years in Canada West The Experience of an Early Settler (Volume I)

  • From what I've read, this would be considered "spearing" in florida and is illegal for catching sharks.

    Real Men of Genius Free-Gaff Giant Mako Shark

  • No matter what method we follow in fishing, we must never try to catch fish by any method which the laws may prohibit, such as spearing, set lines, or nets.

    Outdoor Sports and Games

  • Afterward she realized that that impaling index finger was a gesture of habit -- it was his way of "spearing" witnesses in court when they were under fire.

    A Little Miss Nobody Or, With the Girls of Pinewood Hall

  • Doubtless, upon provocation, they are "spearing" others as they speared the outraged clergyman.

    The Poison Bugaboo

  • Zuma Press In the portraits by Mr. Condo, the artist Maurizio Cattelan appears with a carrot spearing his head.

    Portrait of a Collector

  • Once he was comfortably beyond spearing range, he turned and jogged down the trail a couple of hundred yards, then stopped and hid behind a tree.

    Gideon’s war

  • Maude rocked forward in her chair, spearing Cat with a wizened stare that had naught of stage farce about it.

    Earl of Durkness


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