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  • v. Present participle of career.

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  • In heraldry, running, but placed bendwise on the field: said of a horse used as a bearing.


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career +‎ -ing


  • Wolves and jackals, when frightened, certainly tuck in their tails; and a tamed jackal has been described as careering round his master in circles and figures of eight, like a dog, with his tail between his legs.

    The expression of the emotions in man and animals

  • Will she catch him in the lobby where he laughs cruelly at her colossal stupidity, causing her to buy a fifth of Jack and go careening ( "careering" for you Brits) around Kelrast Curve?

    Blogtimore, Hon

  • "It's not the 'careering' that I love; though it will seem very strange when Tommy Tucker doesn't have to sing for her supper!


  • His idea of clear doesn't necessarily mean that the road could not suddenly be rendered unclear, as when a couple of competing drivers come careering around a faraway curve towards you.

    Free riding the roads of Mexico

  • The result, "L," strains to remain both likable (read: appealing to music fans) and suitably contemporary, careering between definite statements of tangled and very earnest-sounding chords, snatches of singing melody and headlong flinging of notes up and down the staff, without ever abandoning its adherence to tonality.

    Music review: Cellist Yo-Yo Ma and pianist Kathryn Stott at the Kennedy Center

  • Just as you're settling in, the train starts careering off at high speed in a completely different direction, adding on carriages left, right and centre; yet you're locked in and have no way of getting off.

    EU referendum Commons vote – live coverage

  • Perhaps this is strictly my own usage, but I think of careering as “moving swiftly and effectively”, and careening as “moving fast and uncontrolledly”.

    The meaning of “careening” « Motivated Grammar

  • To all appearances, a runaway yacht was careering madly over the bight, and now and again yielding a little bit to control in a desperate effort to make Benicia.

    The King of the Greeks

  • This is a film about movement: the 14 dancers careering between three sprung stages, the way a pelican flexes its wings in San Francisco Bay, the stately passage of ships past the building's huge windows.

    Tacita Dean at the Common Guild - review

  • When kids see me on the street, careering (ph) in my power wheelchair, they often say things like, wow, can I have one of those?

    On Halloween, Celebrating Differences Of All Types


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  • In heraldry, a horse in a position which would be called salient if a beast of prey were being described.

    October 4, 2011