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  • n. A watch which records small fractions of a second, and in which the hands can be stopped at any instant, so as to mark the exact time at which some event occurs: chiefly used in timing races.


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  • I think it's reasonable to say that she's involved with the Master's regeneration process somehow, either as a keeper of the ring (that's really something like a stop-watch and hold his consciousness), or as the human half of a metacrisis.

    Doctor Who Spoiler Photo Circulating...A Pony Discussion, of course!

  • At the Bethlehem Steel works in Pennsylvania, Taylor gave out shovels specifically designed to hold 21 pounds--small ones for shoveling ashes, big ones for shoveling iron ore--and made "thousands of stop-watch observations" to calculate the most efficient shoveling method.

    How To Shovel Snow Without (Literally) Killing Yourself

  • Great idea for a TV sports gimmick that at least two stations thought of this week: have an on-air reporter attempt the Albert Haynesworth conditioning test, and then show video of the hilarious results, complete with the flashing stop-watch.

    Reporters attempt Haynesworth's conditioning test

  • CHRONOGRAPH A wristwatch that also includes stop-watch functions to mark intervals of time.

    Glossary of Watch Terms

  • Using your terminology, is the fact that one stop-watch is stopped under four-minutes and the other at 11 seconds best explained by his athleticism?

    Bunny and a Book

  • Lewis 'athleticsm does not explain the stop-watch readings, however, since the stop-watch might have been stopped by all sorts of things.

    Bunny and a Book

  • You can stamp out parts for a stop-watch with these things.

    Scott Westerfeld: Uglies Quartet

  • Never, ever keep a stop-watch on someone's grieving.

    Dr. Cara Barker: What to Never Do When Someone You Love Loses a Child

  • I have been tempted to hold a stop-watch to his on-screen presence so I can see how much he earns per minute of air time.

    CSI: Miami – “Point of Impact” – Review

  • And to govern well means to be engaged, to step off the exercise bike and into the machinery of management, to appoint competent managers and actively inquire whether they are doing their jobs, to visit the levees before they give way, to order a snap emergency drill at Homeland Security and put a stop-watch on performance, to visit first responders (even without photographers) to see if they are awake and to offer encouragement.

    Gary Hart: The Art of Caring for Souls


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