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  • n. A lamp that illuminates a street or sidewalk.


from Wiktionary, Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License

From street + lamp


  • The street was empty and dark except for the yellow glow of one streetlamp at the end.


  • The hero may be able to cut through doors and other hard obstacles, or fashion bandages out of a shirt, or maybe even knock a streetlamp onto an enemy.

    Superhero Nation: how to write superhero novels and comic books » 2009 » May » 05

  • I sit and throw off the sheet, pull back the curtain on the dark lawn, empty street, the stark light of the streetlamp.

    The Right Thing

  • I twist to look again past the curtains, but the paved street, the streetlamp, is gone.

    The Right Thing

  • Some of the most arresting pictures are night scenes: a barn rising out of a snowy field, its roof luminous in the moonlight, or the crossroads, which Ault painted numerous times, ominous and uncanny in the raw light of a single streetlamp, hung overhead on a wire.

    Austerity, Economy, Stillness

  • His characteristic themes are announced: a lonely clapboard house; a pedestrian under a streetlamp, seen from above; an isolated brownstone; a seamstress at a window.

    A Peek Behind Those Paintings

  • I saw it under the light of the streetlamp outside my house.

    Nancy Ruhling: Astoria Characters: The Four Funny Faces

  • The band inside is slashing into a reel, and I stand under the glow of the lone streetlamp, listening.

    The Jig Is Up

  • Julia was waiting for him to finish his shift at the Crown, sitting on the bonnet of her little Fiat using the light of a streetlamp to read her book.

    Polly Samson | The Man Who Fell

  • He stood with his head slightly bowed, pale gray hair covering his features, outlined by the streetlamp behind him.

    Marshmallows « A Fly in Amber


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  • Is this term in use as a synonym for streetlight?

    January 14, 2009