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  • n. In botany, a sharp-pointed appressed bristle or hair-like scale, constituting a species of pubescence in plants.
  • n. In zoology, a streak or stripe; a stria.
  • n. In architecture, a flute of a column.


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  • Usually called striga or witchweed, it is a parasite that lives off other plants during its first few weeks of life.

    Chapter 23

  • Usually called striga or witchweed, it is a parasite that spends its first few weeks of life living off the juices of other species.

    4 Questions and Answers

  • COLUMBIA - When the Peace Corps sent Nate Jensen to a tiny West African village in 2005, a parasitic plant known as striga or witchweed was plaguing farmers.

    Columbia Missourian: Latest Articles

  • The honour of women, whether in fact or merely in fame, is protected by many severe laws, among which I shall only notice, that the calling a free woman 'striga' (witch) is severely punishable.

    Roman and the Teuton

  • In defense of cow parsley and primrose—but strangleweed and striga are on their own.

    Stow the Mower, Stop Pulling

  • It's difficult to find fans of the wandering striga or of poison ivy.

    Stow the Mower, Stop Pulling

  • He is happy to concede some significant weedy problems, such as the loss of arable productivity caused by striga, or witchweed, the "pretty but parasitic" plant that made its way let's be honest: somebody gave it a ride in 1956 from its native Kenya to the eastern United States, where the weed "reduced hundreds of thousands of acres of corn to stubble."

    Stow the Mower, Stop Pulling

  • Kudzu vine in the southern US, cat tails and striga in Africa, and water hyacinth in Africa and India are among the invasive species that could be treated in this way.

    Ron Dembo: Can Biochar Help Save the World?

  • The German biotech company BASF has launched an improved, non-GM strain of corn that resists striga, a weed that ravages African fields, and is working to breed high-yielding commercial strains of wheat that also resist fungus and drought.

    A Truce in the Crop Wars

  • Că acestea nu sunt doar cuvinte pe care le striga la partea de sus a plămânilor dumneavoastră care fac cumva ai o persoană mai bună, trebuie să trăiască aceste concepte, de a înţelege ce înseamnă şi să facă eforturi pentru a le face parte din viata ta de zi cu zi. »2007» martie


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  • in other contexts strix, shtriga, and strzyga

    July 7, 2009

  • Sounds related to strega.

    May 21, 2008

  • A type of witch that thrives on the life force of children, leaving its young victims prematurely aged and weak. (from WordCraft)

    May 20, 2008