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  • n. A durable finish for exterior walls, usually composed of cement, sand, and lime, and applied while wet.
  • n. A fine plaster for interior wall ornamentation, such as moldings.
  • n. A plaster or cement finish for interior walls.
  • n. Stuccowork.
  • transitive v. To finish or decorate with stucco.

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  • n. A plaster that is used to coat interior or exterior walls, or used for mouldings.
  • v. To coat or decorate with stucco.

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  • n. Plaster of any kind used as a coating for walls, especially, a fine plaster, composed of lime or gypsum with sand and pounded marble, used for internal decorations and fine work.
  • n. Work made of stucco; stuccowork.
  • transitive v. To overlay or decorate with stucco, or fine plaster.

from The Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia

  • To apply stucco to; cover with stucco or line plaster.
  • n. Plaster or cement, of varying degrees of fineness, used as a coating for walls, either internally or exteternally, and for the production of ornamental effects and figures.
  • n. Work made of stucco.

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  • v. coat with stucco
  • v. decorate with stucco work
  • n. a plaster now made mostly from Portland cement and sand and lime; applied while soft to cover exterior walls or surfaces


from The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, 4th Edition

Italian, of Germanic origin.

from Wiktionary, Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License

Italian stucco "stucco, plaster" from Old Italian stucco, from Lombardic *stucki "crust, fragment, piece" from Proto-Germanic *stukjan, *stukjaz, *stukō, *stūkō (“stick, beam, stump”), from Proto-Indo-European *stAug- (“stalk”). Akin to German stukki "crust, fragment, piece" (German Stück "piece"), Old Saxon stukki "piece, fragment", Old English stycce "piece, fragment".


  • The drying and curing process for stucco is dependent on exposure of the surface to sunlight, ventilation and the relative humidity of the air.

    Cracks in masonry

  • You can put a dye in the stucco mix, BUT since the stucco is made in batches, it is going to be very difficult (impossible?) to get exactly the same color in each batch.

    Whitewash For Exterior Walls

  • The good news is, after my husband sealed every available entry point, they went up underneath the stucco from the ground!

    Japanese Bees and European Bees Against Hornet Predators

  • It apparently has a city building code which mandates tile roofs, wooden doors, windows wider than they are tall and red stucco from the sidewalks halfway up the front walls.

    Traveling to Tapalpa

  • An inch of stucco is not going to be the kind of insulation it will need.

    foam board used for fireplace

  • Her earrings consist of a large ball suspended from a smaller ball; the jewellery being modelled on the panel in stucco, and gilt with gold leaf.

    Pharaohs, Fellahs and Explorers

  • Using materials and textures that refer to the constructive tradition of the south of Spain, Mecanoo Architects employ golden-flecked olive colored tiles to the main patio areas and smaller patio’s balconies, while stucco is used as accents around window frames on the main patio space, and as cladding on the smaller patios.

    Mecanoo’s Sustainable Social Housing in Málaga, Spain | Inhabitat

  • I’m not a builder but I have noticed in the past that before stucco is applied they use something like a tarpaper backing against a structure, then they tack or brace like chicken wire over it which is attached to edge boarding.

    How do I stucco over painted brick?

  • In another month, when she hoped the drenching afternoon rain would stop soaking pocks of stucco from the outer courtyard walls of her family’s renthouse here in this riverine, coastal city


  • So, we see we chipped a stucco, which is my third screw trying to punch in, as good as we could usually flesh a single in to both a wall as good as a batten.

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