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  • adj. snobbish, conceited; believing oneself to be better than others; haughty; arrogant or egotistical.
  • v. Simple past tense and past participle of stick up.


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  • Except that my hair stuck up like Stan Laurel's, there was no sign of whatever it was that had just zipped through my half-sleeping brain and rattled me out of my slumber.

    Darkly Dreaming Dexter

  • People stuck up in towers, or carted away to Devil's Island, or thrown in dungeons, or captured by Zulu tribes, or lowered into viper pits, or stuffed into trunks of cars.

    the dirty duck

  • He'd doused his cowlick with spray — Rhyme could smell propane, isobutane, and vinyl acetate — but the charming spike still stuck up like Dagwood's.

    The Coffin Dancer

  • MEREDITH: Well, you could have involved me a little more, or at least stuck up for me when your mother decided to launch into her character assassination.

    What Men Say, What Women Hear

  • Strands the colors of candy pink, robin's-egg blue, and lime green stuck up in stiff spikes from her scalp.

    The Trouble with Witches

  • The pines in the front yard had been cut, leaving stumps that stuck up like giant mushrooms; and like the blue caterpillar perched on the mushroom inAlice's Adventures in Wonderland,empty blue oil cans sat on the stumps.

    Change Me Into Zeus’s Daughter

  • Whether it was against bullies or transies or monsters, Porterenes stuck up for one another.

    Slice Of Cherry

  • Elizabeth attired in such stiff and shining brocade that she could not turn in the saddle, encased in an armour of cloth-of-gold, pearls, and precious stones, her head framed by a starched ruff that stuck up like a lacy sail looked up to see a young boy, dressed as Cupid, suspended by a gold-painted rope over the clock's face.

    Mary Queen Of Scotland And The Isles

  • His hair had something slippery on it; it was stuck up in some punk-cool, circa 1980.

    The Six Rules of Maybe

  • It was the Right Dishonourable Peter Logan, ex MP, ex MSP, and now probably regretting that prayer in which he asked God that he be remembered for something other than getting a vibrator stuck up his bum.

    It's October, 1956.


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