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  • adv. Toward, at, or on the rear part of a stage.
  • adj. Of or relating to the rear part of a stage.
  • adj. Informal Haughty; aloof.
  • n. The rear part of a stage, away from the audience.
  • transitive v. To distract attention from (another performer) by moving upstage, thus forcing the other performer to face away from the audience.
  • transitive v. To divert attention or praise from; force out of the spotlight: a vice president who repeatedly tried to upstage the president.
  • transitive v. To treat haughtily.

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  • n. The part of a stage that is farthest from the audience or camera.
  • adv. toward or at the rear of a theatrical stage.
  • adv. away from a motion-picture or television camera.
  • adj. At the rear of a stage.
  • v. To draw attention away from.
  • v. To force other actors to face away from the audience by staying upstage.
  • v. To treat snobbishly.

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  • n. the rear part of the stage
  • adj. remote in manner
  • v. treat snobbishly, put in one's place
  • v. steal the show, draw attention to oneself away from someone else
  • v. move upstage, forcing the other actors to turn away from the audience
  • adj. of the back half of a stage
  • adv. at or toward the rear of the stage


from Wiktionary, Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License

up +‎ stage


  • And I expect he will have better options than Hillary to choose from ....... her attempt to "upstage" him last night should remove her from serious consideration as the VP. noemi of reason, latina for obama!

    Kennedy joins Obama VP search team

  • WHITFIELD: Do you think the network asked him or encouraged him to joke about this so as to kind of upstage the rumors?

    CNN Transcript Jan 10, 2010

  • Obama obviously knows it too ... he said yesterday, he believe Hillary would be a great surrogate for him and when asked about Bill he said he said he was sure he would not want to 'upstage' his wife at the unity rally on Friday.

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  • As much as I love it, I find it really does kind of upstage the other flavors in some cookies.

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  • If at times she was perplexingly cool, -- or "upstage," as he called it, -- he flattered himself that he knew women too well to be discouraged by these purely feminine manifestations.

    Quill's Window

  • Rihanna has reportedly kicked Nicki Minaj off her tour because she was furious that the rapper would "upstage" her performance.

    All - Digital Spy - Entertainment and Media News

  • Did Katherine Heigl try to "upstage" Ellen Pompeo by making her adoption of a 10-month-old Korean girl named Naleigh public on the the same day that her Grey's Anatomy co-star gave birth to a daughter of her own?

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  • And it's not a grassroots event they're afraid she'll "upstage".

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  • Mr. Moran, 28, is the comic mastermind behind "The Spidey Project," the all-volunteer, zero-budget attempt to upstage Julie Taymor's "Spider-Man: Turn off the Dark," the $65 million Broadway musical that has repeatedly delayed its opening date now set for March 15 amid production glitches and script revisions.

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  • And it's the rare host these days who fails to attempt to upstage his guests.

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