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  • n. Physics A section of a transmitted wave used to modify the information-carrying section of the wave.

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  • n. A separate signal carried on a main radio transmission, often carrying additional information such as voice or data.


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From sub- +‎ carrier.


  • I built it myself, back in the 1970s, and the FM tuner's stereo subcarrier filter has developed an intermittent open circuit.


  • Acctually IMHO the TTN website coverage map shows the FM Stereo Broadcast Coverage area (for 100.7 CHIN FM the RDS subcarrier) not the Area where your unit would be able to decode without errors most of the time most of the TMC events.

    Toronto, Ottawa and Montreal get GPS traffic info | Sync Blog

  • The subcarrier filter on the FM stereo receiver went out a few years back, no parts available, so we've been listening to broadcasts in mono.

    Hope springs eternal

  • For another thing, FM radio subcarrier networks are probably inferior to existing paging and cellular networks.

    Smart Mobs » Blog Archive » “Big Brother will be wrist-watching you”

  • We encoded a harmonic subcarrier into the jamming pulse that will let us communicate with one another and the Enterprise on a special frequency.

    A Time to Kill

  • Without her, it would have eventually been picked up by the special subcarrier tracker used here as an antibugging security measure.

    Floating City

  • VP-7040 is designed to play back NTSC tapes using the 4. 43MHz color subcarrier frequency. Forum

  • The tapes I have are recorded in the USA using the standard NTSC 3. 58MHz color subcarrier frequency. Forum

  • In the second type, power allocation is implicit such that the receiver decides the constellation to be used in each subcarrier and sends back only the rate allocation vector to the transmitter. :

  • Wavelet OFDM reduces the side-lobe level of each subcarrier with no redundant signals as a result of setting the orthogonality of the wave-frequency domain and time domain.

    The Earth Times Online Newspaper


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