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  • n. A flotation method in which the material to be separated is adsorbed on the surface of gas bubbles in a liquid and is collected on an upper layer of an immiscible liquid
  • n. Removal, taking away.

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  • n. The act of taking or carrying away; removal.

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  • n. The act of taking or carrying away.
  • n. Cancellation by a subsequent logical movement, in Hegelian philosophy.


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From Latin sublātiō ("removal").


  • With his insistence that Marxism emerged from the Enlightenment by a process of "sublation" or "aufheben," Steiner is suggesting that Marx and Engels rejected the conception of equality that had been developed in the course of the Enlightenment, advanced in the English Revolution and made a principle of the bourgeois revolution in America and France.


  • The spiritual nature of matter as the Alma Mater, which serves as the alchemical framework of Hegel 's dialectical idealism, is the sublation (Aufhebung) of raw inchoate matter by which it becomes what it always already potentially is: Geist or Spirit.

    Romanticism, Alchemy, and Psychology

  • Without this self-sublation the archetypal truth would still have the logical form of

    Romanticism, Alchemy, and Psychology

  • It is precisely this sublation of the soldier into the paternal, the military into the familial/bureaucratic that informs both the treaty ceremony and many of the projections.

    Projection, Patriotism, Surrogation: Handel in Calcutta

  • Dasein is only encounterable as “mineness” by the Lord after a dialectical sublation, “not-mineness” is primordial.


  • With however what sublation of compensation in the radification of interpretation by the byeboys?

    Finnegans Wake

  • On the contray, the three structures are integrated, one into the other, in such a way that it reminds the reader of Hegel's notion of sublation Aufhebung whereby the lower is both cancelled, as independent, and also retained.

    The body and the Soul

  • My favorite "germanophilosophologism" that I can recall is "aufhebung" English: sublation, the term referring to the moment when the thesis and antithesis are brought together and lifted up into the synthesis while simultaneously retained in "self-preserving sameness".

    Ian Anderson and The Zeitgeist Follies

  • Follow the path of sublation all the way to the absolute with Hegel.

    Athens of the South

  • One chapter is sub-titled: "From 'Untam'd Pleasure' to 'Heaven-born Freedom," phrases respectively from the 1807 and the 1815 publications of the Ode that recount the drama of the sublation of passion from a more-or-less central position in a description of the human subject to at best a peripheral one.

    Passion and Romantic Poetics


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  • sub·la·tion

    Inflected Form(s): sub·lat·ed; sub·lat·ing

    Etymology: Latin sublatus (past participle of tollere to take away, lift up), from sub- up + latus, past participle of ferre to carry — more at sub-, tolerate, bear

    Date: 1838

    1 : negate, deny

    2 : to negate or eliminate (as an element in a dialectic process) but preserve as a partial element in a synthesis

    May 18, 2008