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  • n. A computer program contained within another program that operates semi-independently of the encasing program.

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  • n. A program contained within a larger program

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  • n. a set sequence of steps, part of larger computer program


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sub- + program


  • • Primary Contributions - Coroutines - a kind of subprogram - Classes, objects, and inheritance Copyright © 2007 Addison-Wesley.

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  • “I can create a subprogram to distract it,” she said, “if we have enough time.”

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  • Where the constant pi had a value of 3.14159… and r as sent to the code from a calling subprogram.

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  • He sent his thanks via the implant to the Roia subprogram, and then turned to Archer.


  • And this subprogram, which was never officially ratified or published, just rephrased the 1979 document.

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  • The subprocessor was linked to the warp core, and was counting down before executing an unknown subprogram.


  • He tried to insert the virus twice more, and both times the fault diagnosis subprogram identified the virus and erased it.


  • The virus was designed to infiltrate the fault diagnosis subprogram and indicate that a dangerous overvoltage had suddenly appeared in the main trunk that connected the solar farms with the base transformers.


  • As the two men composed themselves, Data initiated a subprogram in his memory banks.

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  • Simeon muttered absendy at the subprogram, and turned his attention back to the simulacrum.

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