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  • n. any strain of flu that spreads unusually quickly, is unusually virulent or is unusually unresponsive to treatment

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  • Superfluous.


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  • It's not that the miniseries was bad, but it looked different — and in the first ten minutes, the clear vision I'd had of the initial laboratory where the superflu was accidentally released had been swallowed whole by the considerably less-interesting visuals of the TV series.

    Thoughts On Adaptations

  • 'America's greatest crisis-and the world's, perhaps-deepened overnight as the so-called superflu, known as Tube-Neck in the Midwest and Captain Trips in California, continues to spread.

    Wizard and Glass

  • The same excellent tale of the walking dude, the chemical warfare weapon called superflu and the confrontation between its survivors has been updated to 1990, so references to Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, the Reagan years, Roger Rabbit and AIDS are unnecessarily forced into the mouths of King's late-'70s characters.


  • "The Stand," a four-episode saga that begins airing on May 8 on ABC, opens with a lethal "superflu" virus leaking out of a military lab and cutting a wide swath through Arnette, Texas.

    'The Stand' Doesn't Deliver

  • If Eddie's right about the length of time that has gone by, the plague of this 'superflu' was this past June-sowing.

    Wizard and Glass

  • The inspiration for writing The Sacred Promise came to me while I was suffering from what might best be described as a case of the superflu.

    The Sacred Promise

  • I ended up rereading a total of fifteen Parker novels during the course of my superflu, and only the first and third mentioned tigers.

    The Sacred Promise

  • Developing a vaccine is one way to help stop a superflu, though it's tough to predict how a vaccine created in response to the current strain of swine flu would react to a newer incarnation down the road.

    The Next Pandemic

  • Because viruses mutate so quickly and so often, there are several ways such a superflu might be created: A version of bird flu could mutate on its own to create a more spreadable version.

    The Next Pandemic

  • Ÿ Rejoindre la sobriété heureuse, apprendre à différencier le nécessaire du superflu, moins consommer, mieux recycler.

    Archive 2009-04-10


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