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  • Ubuntu 10.04 swap update: It's not an Xorg bug but too much 'swappiness' - and it's easily fixed

    Megite Technology News: What's Happening Right Now

  • Ubuntu 10.04 swap update: It's not an Xorg bug but too much 'swappiness' - and it's easily fixed Windows Live Messenger for iPhone unveiled - Remember in December 2009 we told you Microsoft were planning a Windows Live Messenger app for iPhone?

    Megite Technology News: What's Happening Right Now

  • Instead change the systems "swappiness" which defines how easily swap gets used.

    Planet SUSE

  • I have set the vm. swappiness parameter to 95 but my swap partition is still not being used, even when the memory usage goes up to 90%.

    Ubuntu Forums

  • For example, although not mentioned anywhere in the official doc, some Redbooks recomend: vm. swappiness ... articles

  • I think it's better to use vm. swappiness = 10 vm. vfs_cache_pressure = 50 in / etc / sysctl. conf instead of disabling swap.

    Planet SUSE

  • I've checked swapon - s (which says we're using 0 bytes out of 16GB of swap), I've checked swappiness (60), I've tried upping the swap to 32GB, all to no avail.

  • Re: Won a computer from computershopper dot com .. back to pclinuxos2009. 1 plus i have no swap file at all, i have swappiness = 0 so with all 4 gigs ram, and NO visual effects (using jaunty 9.04) and i have photoshop cs, office 2k3, and some old casino games by hoyle installed .. it moves like greased lightning .. boots from button push to typing in desktop in 19 seconds


  • I have mine set to 0 on a dual core laptop with 1 gig of ram and have seen no issues and a good performance gain. vm. swappiness = 0

    Planet Malaysia

  • If you want to get the value of just a single variable, use something like sysctl vm. swappiness, or just sysctl vm to list all variables that start with "vm."

    LXer Linux News


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  • the tendency for a linux system to use the swap partition instead of running things quickly in memory

    May 25, 2015