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  • adj. Swollen.
  • adj. Pertaining to men showboating themselves in front of one another, sometimes before a fight.

from The Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia

  • A variant of sweal, swale.


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  • So also, perhaps, in swole, which is fast displacing swelled.

    Chapter 9. The Common Speech. 3. The Verb

  • I had noticed a bit on my arm but didnt think anything of it and let it go about a week and in that time my arm swole up to where the skin had streched way beyond what it normally was.

    What's more fearsome in the wilds, a man eating shark, or a menacing rattle snake?

  • When the cancer started spreading above his knees, it swole up Robert's legs so bad he couldn't wear his usual slacks.

    Comes After Cato

  • The way his cheeks swole out, then caved in as if he were being inhaled into it, the way the golden keys seemed to grab his fingers like little magnets snatching at iron filings, causing them to leap and dance in unexpected, startling fits.

    “Horns” by Joe Hill (Reviewed by Robert Thompson)

  • His face was all swole up, and I figured he needed oxygen.


  • No matter how hard times got then, when wasn't food enough for the table and the debt growed too fast to pay off at the general store, or a homegrown pack of the White League terrorize us or string up one of our men to keep us in our place, still our hearts and heads swole up with the possibilities of Reconstruction.

    Excerpt: Red River by Lalita Tademy

  • The people who were opposed to that, they practically swole up and died when it was passed.

    Remarks By The President To Mayors At Breakfast Reception

  • Although I understand in Stockton that that weasel, Charles Avery, is sporting a broken nose, about five less teeth, and a shiner swole up the size of a Pasadena orange.

    Surrender A Dream

  • Then she gathered rocks, covered them with more leaves and made Sethe put her feet on them, saying: "I know a woman had her feet cut off they was so swole."


  • “Mom, yu recollect wotta time Granma Nevels had when last winter—winter before now—her jaw swole up, and her eye turned black with th flu.”

    The Dollmaker


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