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  • This kind of example does not appear to occur amongst natural objects, but, as a swordstick is a perfectly good reidentifiable object, this fact about natural objects would seem to be a contingent truth about them.


  • In my terror it didn't even cross my mind to tell him I was neither, but Flashy - when you're surrounded by Inquisition hoods with a swordstick at your throat, you tell 'em what they want to hear, believe me.


  • I had a terrifying memory of lying helpless beneath his swordstick - and he'd just watched me rattling his wife.


  • I can promise you a complex hero who very definitely ain't as pure as the driven snow, a wildly eccentric sidekick who gets an erotic thrill out of pain, a pub crawl in London's worst stinkhole, missing chimney sweeps, The Beetle, werewolves that spontaniously combust, a panther-like swordstick-wielding albino who is NOT Elric, and, of course, Spring Heeled Jack.

    Archive 2009-12-01

  • Mere possession of a swordstick would warrant a longer period of incarceration than any trivial offences like, you know, undermining the entire basis of democracy (gerrymandering Birmingham councillors), taking the entire country to war on a lie (you know who).

    The Policeman's Blog

  • A scuffle ensued wherein Mr. Smith drew his swordstick and pursued your client across the parkland.

    The Policeman's Blog

  • It is logically possible, however, that this might not have been so, (there might logically have been natural sortals that worked like swordstick), but that they do follow this model, and are not like swordstick, is a pretty deep fact about our world and about any world with similar laws of nature to those that hold in our world.


  • Another possible line is that a swordstick is not one object, but two objects that share some of their matter.


  • That this may be a powerful criticism of Wiggins's view can be seen by considering the notion of a Siamese object, which seemed to be necessary to answer the kind of problem posed by the swordstick.


  • He considered drawing his swordstick, but the sound would carry in the enclosed space, and if the kitchen lay down the stairs … a naked rapier in close confines might be more dangerous than helpful.

    The Ideal Bride


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