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  • n. Any enzyme that catalyzes the synthesis of a biological compound but, unlike synthetases, does not make use of ATP as a source of energy


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  • F1 part of the ATP synthase is determined by Walker and co-workers.

    The Nobel Prize in Chemistry 1997

  • Boyer proposed that ATP synthase is like a cylinder with alternating alpha and beta subunits.

    The Nobel Prize in Chemistry 1997

  • ATP synthase is found in chloroplast and mitochondrial membranes and in the cytoplasmic membrane of bacteria.

    The Nobel Prize in Chemistry 1997

  • Bealer JF, Natuzzi ES, Buscher C, Ursell PC, Flake AW, Adzick NS, Harrison MR: Nitric oxide synthase is deficient in the aganglionic colon of patients with Hirschsprung's disease.

    CHOP pediatric surgery publications

  • 1937 - Herman Kalckar (Denmark) establishes that ATP synthase is linked with cell respiration.

    The Nobel Prize in Chemistry 1997

  • Remington, Wiegand) and recently of a very large multienzyme complex, heavy riboflavin synthase (with Ladenstein).

    Robert Huber - Autobiography

  • By 1997, a supercomputer with hundreds of gigaflops could simulate the 36,000 atoms in an estrogen receptor, and by 2003, a teraflops-class super could model the 327,000 atoms in the F1 portion of ATP synthase, which is cool because it is a molecular rotor powered by proton gradients inside the cell.

    The Register

  • Roundup works by inhibiting an enzyme called EPSP synthase, which is necessary for plants to grow.

    Signs of the Times

  • DuPont's Optimum GAT seeds are genetically modified to grow into soybean plants able to survive exposure to glyphosate-based weedkiller as well as another herbicide called acetolate synthase.

    DuPont Delays Seed in Soybean Spat

  • A similar enzyme in oranges, called valencene synthase, was responsible for producing its taste and smell.

    Allylix Sniffs Out Biotech For New Fragrances


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  • An enzyme that catalyzes a reaction that puts one or more components together to form a new compound.

    September 25, 2008