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  • adv. In a tactual manner; by, or relating to, the sense of touch.

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  • n. By means of touch; as regards touch.

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  • adv. by touch


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tactual +‎ -ly


  • I also recall tactually the fact that never in a start of the body or a heart-beat did I feel that I loved or cared for anything.

    The World I Live In

  • Dogs may be less interested in what is visually new than what is tactually new: they notice strange sensations and pursue them with nibbling mouth or scratching paw.


  • Also at the other point that shape is presented not only visually but tactually.

    John Stuart Mill

  • The fact that the labels have been cut out of his clothes ... could mark him out as an asylum-seeker trying to hide his identity, or it could make him a "tactually defensive" autistic savant.

    The "Piano Man" mystery.

  • Mr. Slimane's invitation to this brave-and loud-new world began with a tactually interesting all-black envelope that looked like a sheet of those perforated strips that you rip to open express-mail envelopes.

    Hush, Hush, Sweet Trendette

  • With the disconnected right hemisphere, these patients could also spell three and four letter words with cutout letters and could read such words presented tactually.

    Roger W. Sperry - Nobel Lecture

  • I cannot be at ease (and to be at ease is my chief wish) if someone else is in pain, visibly or audibly or tactually.

    The Quiet American

  • It was like stroking somebody else's; and therefore it was, tactually, like seeing herself clearly for the first time.

    Mrs. Miniver

  • Had she not already appeared in the Feelytone News–visibly, audibly and tactually appeared to countless millions all over the planet?

    Brave New World

  • I also know what tones are, since they are perceptible tactually in a voice.

    The World I Live In


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  • "Not longer than six months before--in my exhaustion--I had been haranguing a fellow-master at the school: 'Drive all those ideas out of your head! The sea is neither cruel nor kind. It is as mindless as the sky. It's merely a large accumulation of H2O . . . and even the words "large" and small," "beautiful" and "hideous" are measures and valuations projected from the mind of a human being of average height, and the colors and forms which have taken on characteristics from what is agreeable or harmful, edible or inedible, sexually attractive, tactually pleasing, and so on. All the physical world is a blank page on which we write or erase our ever-shifting attempts to explain our consciousness of existing. Restrict your sense of wonder to a glass of water or a drop of dew--begin there: you'll get no further.' But on this afternoon in late April all I could do was choke on the words: 'Oh, sea! . . . Oh, mighty ocean!'"

    --Theophilus North by Thornton Wilder

    September 3, 2010