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  • v. To be cautious, careful or prudent.
  • v. To mind, or be in charge of something.
  • interj. good-bye (literally, take care of yourself)

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  • v. be careful, prudent, or watchful
  • v. be in charge of or deal with
  • v. take charge of or deal with


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  • As CapCom Evans told the crew, “We think that this will take care of some of the overflow of program alarms that you were getting during descent.”

    First Man

  • He was indeed in a hurry to meet Darius in battle, but there was business to take care of first in Phoenicia.

    Alexander the Great

  • Rome has been obtained, the bishop may authorize the institute, respecting all things decreed by the Holy See; and in revising the constitutions, he will take care that they are always in conformity with the Normæ of 1901.

    The Catholic Encyclopedia, Volume 12: Philip II-Reuss

  • “My guess is that he'll take care of Ragle, then come back for you.”

    The Killing Kind

  • Taking this into consideration, Kang & Lee created an ad revolving around a Japanese expatriate family: a Japanese businessman takes the day off work, choosing instead to “telecommunicate” from home, because his wife is ill, and he wishes to take care of her.

    Experiential Marketing

  • And so God told him, “Elijah, I want you to go to the city of Zarephath, for I have commanded a widow to take care of you.”

    It’s Your Time

  • Henderson briefly considered calling Cutter and reporting the incident without opening the access door, but he decided that this was a perfect opportunity to take care of the matter himself.

    The Ark

  • The network of Hearers in Springdale, who had finally all come out of their houses when they thought I needed them, joined together to help take care of my grandfather.

    Claim to Fame

  • While fulfilling his promise to Emily to take care of her surviving pediatric patients if anything ever happened to her, Joe finds that various children whose hearts had stopped beating and had to be resuscitated are having unusual near-death experiences NDEs that seemingly involve his deceased wife.

    The Sacred Promise

  • Leslie Charles wrote, Sooner or later, whatever bugs us will come back and bite us in the backside if we do not take care of it up front.

    I Used to Have a Handle on Life But It Broke


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