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  • v. To require a comparatively long period of time.
  • v. To volunteer to spend one's time (for a purpose or beneficiary).


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  • Following Mr. Sung's instructions to take time and be accurate she went to the files trying to shut her ears to the stream of impatient, muttered obscenities that had gone on for hours.

    Noble House

  • In addressing the jury, Mr. Justice FitzHugh-Cunneally told them there was no question of guilt or innocence, the verdict was clearly guilty, but he requested them to take time considering their recommendation for either clemency or severity, as he would be guided by their opinion.

    The Thorn Birds

  • Soon as he gets that thing that says Pharmacist, with a red seal on it, a wop puts on a gray suit, with black edges on the vest, and is so important he can't even take time to mix the pills, and wouldn't even touch a chocolate ice-cream soda.

    The Postman Always Rings Twice

  • Fortunately for Tyrwhitt, Admiral Maass was so eager to fall upon and annihilate the intruding British destroyers that he did not take time to concentrate his force.

    Castles of Steel

  • “But I am not going to take time off from school,” said Mother Mary-Joseph in the deceptively gentle tone of the iron-willed; neither did she remain away from her classes for so much as half an hour.

    St Peter's Finger

  • Sharpe, knowing it would take time to fetch boats from the O'Higgins, ran back to the smaller Fort San Carlos where, shouting at Harper and the seamen to bring their weapons, he scrambled down the steep cliff path which led to a small shingle beach.

    Sharpe's Devil

  • She could take time to look around, to let Broley find a reliable, independent contract.

    the ship who sang

  • "But it will take time to get back to Com Passion's cave," Edsel said.

    Xone of Contention

  • "If he's to be trained, many valuable managers will have to take time away from their other duties," Gomt said politely.

    Noble House

  • "I am very proud to work at the Twin Cities Assembly Plant where people will take time out of their day off and help people 2,000+ miles away in their time of desperate need," she said. News


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