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  • n. a public address system

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  • n. a loudspeaker


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A genericised trademark of Tannoy Ltd, a manufacturer of public address systems. "Tannoy" is a syllabic abbreviation of tantalum alloy, which was the material used in a type of electrolytic rectifier developed by the company.


  • There is the noise of the tannoy and the enticing ambience of the outside world.

    This week's new exhibitions

  • It seemed like a place that gave monomaniacs a tannoy: so little space to say so little, Facebook for an older wastrel.

    Twitter looks chaotic: but don't be afraid

  • The same thing happened at work this afternoon when resuming a podcast I'd been listening to at the gym, in competition with the usual sound system, a second music source outside, and frequent tannoy announcements about new classes.

    Archive: Oct 08 - Mar 09

  • The tannoy loud speaker rumbles into life with atmospheric music and the crowd falls silent.

    What a Way to Spend Easter: Which Way to the Crucifixion?

  • I love that you used the term “the tannoy” to refer to what we would call the PA (short for Public Address).


  • The tone of the announcements made over the tannoy on my US Airways flights.


  • Luggage that went astray every time (then being expected to tip the delivery guy when it was dropped off the next day) and yes - just like you, some of the surly announcements over the tannoy, by jaded, well-past-there-useby staff.


  • The competition took place in the school hall, but so that all the other children could hear it was played through the tannoy in each classroom.

    The Woman I Was Born to Be

  • "We hope our team in the tannoy room will be able to come up with entertaining music during this period."

    Honourable loser schtick; and Ranieri

  • Even down to the clerk's tannoy voice, 'have to prepay after 10...' just awesome. and love the way he looked the mystery guy up and down.

    Chapter 2: Job Security on Vimeo


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  • "He was even on the receiving end of a grand-slam, Ian Young smashing a homer into the Old Pavilion with the bases loaded. It earned him some merciless ribbing from Jonny Gould, the Channel Five sports factotum doing sterling work on the tannoy."

    - Andy Bull, 'Home runs and home truths in Trescothick's benefit bash' in, 6 Oct 2008.

    October 7, 2008