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  • noun A polymer consisting of four identical monomers.

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  • noun chemistry An oligomer having four subunits


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[tetra– + (poly)mer.]

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tetra- + -mer


  • To measure frequencies of antigen-specific T cells in target organs, we obtained a tetramer directed against the immunodominant epitope B8R Fig. 2A, the highest frequencies of tetramer+ T cells were detected in spleens of mice that were infected with 10

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  • In its active form, p53 protein is a tetramer, that is to say it is formed by four identical copies of proteins bound together, which has four domains with differentiated functions: activation of transcription, DNA binding, tetramerization and regulation.

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  • (such as tetramer and hexamer TFs), using a particular medium (e.g. HIF and LIF), pluripotent stem cells can be generated.

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  • Finally, the (H3) 2 (H4) 2 tetramer was reminiscent of hemoglobin, an a2b2 tetramer.

    Roger D. Kornberg - Autobiography

  • First, the exact equivalence of H3 and H4 in the tetramer implied that the differences in relative amounts of the histones from various sources measured in the past must be due to experimental error.

    Roger D. Kornberg - Autobiography

  • This and the stoichiometry of the tetramer implied a unit of structure in chromatin based on two each of the four histones, or an (H2A) 2 (H2B) 2 (H3) 2 (H4) 2 octamer.

    Roger D. Kornberg - Autobiography

  • Both methods showed unequivocally that H3 and H4 were in the form of a double dimer, an (H3) 2 (H4) 2 tetramer (Kornberg and Thomas, 1974).

    Roger D. Kornberg - Autobiography

  • The DsRed2 protein still forms a tetramer, but it is more compatible with green fluorescent proteins in multiple labeling experiments due to the quicker maturation.

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  • Unfortunately, this protein is an obligate tetramer, making it less suitable fur use as an epitope tag than PA-GFP.

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  • Furthermore, DsRed is an obligate tetramer and can form large protein aggregates in living cells.

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