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  • n. A hypothetical meson composed of four valence quarks.


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tetra- +‎ quark


  • The existence of a new form of matter called a tetraquark has been given further support by the re-analysis of an experiment that has baffled particle physicists for the past two years. all content

  • One of these is the tetraquark, which comprises two quarks and two antiquarks. all content

  • One possible explanation is that the electron-positron collisions tuned to form Y (5S) may have actually been producing a different particle altogether - a tetraquark meson Y all content

  • The existence of the tetraquark - a particle made of four quarks - looks increasingly likely with a fresh sighting in a Japanese particle accelerator

    New Scientist - Earth

  • b (10890) tetraquark meson comprising up (u) and bottom (b) quarks and their respective antiquarks. all content

  • b (10890), a tetraquark meson formed of an up flavour "diquark" (quark-antiquark pair) and a bottom flavour diquark, is very close in mass to Y (5S). all content


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